Friday, April 29, 2011

An Email to my Husband

Hi honey....hold onto your shorts!

So, tonight the boys and I went to see the movie African Cats. (along the same line as Earth). It was awesome and they did great...all ages & stages considered.

Afterwards, in the bathroom, W says to me, "I just don't understand how I got here." After repeating that to me twice, I replied,
"Do you mean, how you were made?"
"Yeah, how I was made." we go. Mr. 5yrs old wondering about the great mysteries of life!

So, off we go to Chapters and buy a book. Much better to read a book and answer questions than try to explain ourselves. In the Life Lessons section for ages 3-8 I found a little book that explains how babies are made. It's pretty good. A little funny. "No nonsense with illustrations."
I saved an important section for you. The Making Love section. I just couldn't do it. He's 5!

Bodies, sperm, eggs, babies...okay, but not the wriggling and jiggling and special huggin' parts?! Not yet!

Warner's biggest concern after reading the book, which he quite liked,...armpit hair. He doesn't want armpit hair. LOL! Crack me up!

Brace yourself honey. The jig is up. No body is run over by a lawn mower, there is no stork, he was not found in a saloon, and now he thinks you guys have tadpoles in your bodies and women are like chickens minus feathers, but with armpit hair and eggs. :)

Can't wait for you to come home and for you and W to continue with this lesson!


PS: Won't my favorite husband be pleased that I posted this?! It was just too much too past it up!;)


  1. OMG are you in trouble! So funny and too cute! Tell B when he does that section he can have my boys too!!!

  2. No kidding!
    BUT....yesterday he asked me why I swallowed him as a baby and then pooped him out! So....he obviously was canoeing through part of the book. Yay!!

  3. I'm told I can't tell the story of swallowing the watermelon seed as a possible explanation of how babies get inside mommy's tummy.

  4. I've been gingerly trying to explain how the babies get out. Another reason a zipper would just be a better solution!

    aiy yi yi

    just wait until they all start comparing notes with each other...!!!

  5. Does this also mean it isn't true that if you bite your fingernails a hand will grow in your tummy? Cause a little friend told Bristel that at school...and I've just been choosing to let her believe it. ;)