Do I have one yet?
Eclectic for sure as I'm apt to change my mind. So we use different types of curricula, and do not follow one style of  schooling but there are a few points that resonate.

Routine: We need routine. The children as much as me. Not necessarily as set schedule such as at the table by 8am daily, but a predicatable routine, such as Family Virtues and Angel Cards are always first
Unschooling:  More and more this resonates with me and my boys. Delight Directed. Child Led. Which ever title you give it, our school is more interest based and hands on. It also provides less complaints or push back from the scholars.

Traditional:  Sometimes. Bits and pieces are. 

Free Range Learning: Somewhat. My children love to be involved, to explore, to do and be. I'm learning more in this area after reading a Free Range Learning book that our Homeschool Board recommends.

Forest School: One child is enrolled two days per week at our local Wild Child Forest School. He LOVES it! Almost every aspect of Alberta Education's Learning Outcomes are covered in a hands on, outdoors, woodsy environment. This is a beautiful education. 

It is hard to marry my mind, education influences and heart together. Part of me wants the boys to EXPERIENCE learning, not just sit at the school room table and complete worksheets. However, it's hard to let go of a traditional school mindset and stop comparing them to where public school kids are  educationally. Time and my own growth in homeschooling will lessons this confusion and guilt.

Our homeschool board has been invaluable to us. The Phoenix Foundation is hands on, encouraging and a true believer in the value of home ed. 

And the rest? Well, I'm still learning too.

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