Saturday, January 23, 2016

Date Night, 10yr old Style

Acquarium at Bass Pro Sports - image from Bass Pro
Warner and I had a much anticipate date night last night.  We had been looking forward to it all week, especially Warner.
Ever wonder the way to a ten year old boy's heart? Well, here's how you can win my Warner's.
First take him to Bass Pro Sports to play "the shooting game". 50 cents for a round of (laser) shots at targets that make taxidermied animals move.
"the shooting game" image from Bass Pro

Next we were off to Murdawg to purchase a much sought after Five Nights at Freddy's tshirt and Minecraft trading cards for his little brother.
After dining on a 5 dollar fill up at KFC it was across the mall to Cinescape for a few more video games.

I tell you my heart was racing, palpitating after the Jurassic Park game and I seriously had my inside voice telling me about getting healthy so as to survive video loving boys!!!

All of these activities go against my heart but they are what he loves and it was a rare date. I hate video games. I hate taxidermy and dead animals and hunting. I hate guns. Sadly, I love KFC!! BUT Warner had the best time and was so thrilled that I did played games with him, which I almost never do.  So what's a good mom to do?!


Rhett has shown incredible courage this past week. What has gotten into him?!
Five situations that normally would have caused anxiety yet he has shown courage and confidence.
1) Dentist - alone. No momma by his side. His idea!!!
2) Neuro - measured and weighed by the RN without momma by his side!!!
3) Gift shop- independently went to the desk to pose a query...without encouragement or my help!
4) Road the zip line from the tall base for the first time. On. His. Own.

These are HUGE steps for your Worry Warrior. I am so proud and surprised!

When asked what has changed for him, he said," My heart".

Oh, how I love this boy.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Neuro Update

Our bow-tied Neurologist called us in for a follow up as he had a last minute cancellation. Woot! How wonderful!

Really, it was just a nice to see you visit as we have "no" Neuro concerns with Rhett right now. Nothing imminent. Nothing new. Status quo.

We did learn that our Opthamologist has retired! She is lov-e-ly and will be missed.

Med coverage is on my top priority list and hopefully Dr. Bow Tie will have some secret knowledge up his sleeve to help us since we have no coverage and are in no way interested in changing Rhett's meds.

Rhett was a Neuro rock star today. Happy! Chatty! Aaaaand even went with the nurse for weighing and measuring sans maman!!! This is a first! He is becoming so brave. I love it! **sniff, sniff** No, really, I do. Even Dr. B noticed his happiness and willingness to be assessed.

So based on all that, Rhett isn't required to visit Neuro again for TWO YEARS. T-W-O Y-E-A-R-S!!! This is amazing to me...and a little sad for Rhett. He wanted to stay longer and play in the children's area "since I won't be back for two years. I like it here Mom." Which is bittersweet to me. I'm glad he feels so comfortable at Children's. It's been a big part of our lives for 8 years. So for Rhett to hear that he won't return for 2 years is a little putting. Sweet boy.

Blessed boy.

"You are a blessing Rhett."
"How Mom?"
"I am blessed to have you in my life. My life is better because you are in it." I explained as I hugged & cradled him like a toddler, not the gigantic 8yr old he is.
"Mom, is Warner a blessing too?"
LOL Oh Rhett!!