Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Trees

So,  we've moved. To the trees. Almost mountains. So close I can see them...if only for the trees! Those beautiful tall trees are part of the reason I have been a negligent blogger as now we have no internet access. Not officially....sort of.

Thank heavens for my friendly IPhone and 3G for it would really be rural technology here! So, for the time being I can blog on my mobile device which is aching my wrist and index finger or sometimes I'm able to cyphon it through to the laptop via IPhone personal hotspot. Risque minds removed from the "hotspot" please!

Mobile blogging gives you star photography scenes such as the above. My view as I sip a chai tea, listen to Christmas music ALONE while enjoying a little vehicular me time prior to an appointment with Dr. B.

Ahhhh.....the life of a mom. It's about the small moments, isn't it?

Dr. B, by the way, is our superstar Developmental Optometrist. W is participating in a Vision Therapy program with Dr B, Miss K (OT) and Miss J(yoga). I am so pleased with the program and the staff. Maybe not the homework...wink, wink....but we all know every therapy is just a means of managing/coping/learning so "homework" is forever....otherwise, what's the point? No gain.

Mmmm....warmth on a foggy, snowy Fall day.

And that, my Interblogging Friends, is what a mobile post looks like from me. Hoping for "real" internet aren't you?
Ya! Me too!

Not quite fogged in,
Mrs. M