Sunday, November 3, 2013

...and in other news....

It's Epi-member Folks!
That's right. Bust out your purple attire, put on your brain-face, and raise some Epilepsy Awareness.

Rhett's meds are keeping the Seizure Monsters at bay. Rarely a breakthrough seizure. Yes!

Always, the concern of those monsters stalking him are in the back of our mind. While on the forefront are the effects of those seizures. The delays, the struggles, etc that Rhett works to overcome everyday.

This is why awareness is so important. Overcoming, fitting in, achieving, and showing people that there are reasons making friends, playing with others, and  following directions (to share a mere glimpse) are challenging.

Awareness was shown to me on a different level yesterday by a friend of my sister's. This lady is amazing. I would say her Epilepsy is severe. Her seizures are still uncontrolled and have affected her in many different ways, yet she is the most positive, inspiring, happy person. For example, physical mobility is becoming more limited yet she walked 5k....using a walker....this week. 5k people!!! Woot woot Ms. TO!

....and in other news, there is a bit of venting wanting to burst from my fingers.
Our sweet, "Sheldon-esque" Warner spent a "fun" afternoon at a new friend's. This 3 hr playdate included 3 hrs of playing Halo, and eating ice cream, cheese, crackers, meat and fruit punch.
Gahhh!!!! This is the where the ADHD monster steps in. Shall we liken it to Animal of the Muppets? How about Animal crossed with Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. That's bang on!

If there was a way to provide Warner with a one day effective detox, that would eliminate the extreme reactions those three hours have created, I'm in. If only......