Friday, June 29, 2012

Absolutely Totally Crazy Smitten

A talented friend, from days gone by of 19 yrs & counting, is the creative photographer of Smitten and look what she did for us!

Captured our little family in all it's sullen and happy glory.

Miss Smitten works magic.

For R would say....

'cause at the beginning of the shoot W was quiet, withdrawn and completely lacking in smiles but by the end....

he was all Mr. Happy Pants - Mummy Fight Doggy Pile Guy.

Need some family photos? I recommend Miss Smitten. Remember....magic!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Schools Out!

Farewell Grade One.

I have very mixed feelings about you.
September was such a time of excitement and hope! A little boy ready to learn and filled with interest and confidence. 

First day of Grade 1. 
June shows a smaller boy, with less smiles, and a sad heart. One who is hard on himself and feels alone. One who desperately wants to fit in and achieve but can't find the yellow brick road.

W June '12
Grade One gave me insight. Not the kind I wanted to experience first hand. It also gave me the opportunity to volunteer and appreciate W's amazing teacher (she is/was!), experience first hand the gaps in the system, and the hilarity of precocious 6yr olds.

Here's to a wonderful summer and rebuilding the heart of our W.

Monday, June 25, 2012


He did it! W completed his first season as a Lacrosse player, Tyke division.

At first, his interest and effort was a 100%....which was short lived. Then it was slightly challenging for both of us....but after a light bulb (bribery) moment in which we offered lego as a carrot, the tides turned again.

Woot! Woot!

So, now we have ourselves a little lacrosse player who is best at defense.
And....creating an Indiana Jones Temple of Doom mine chase scene. *wink, wink*

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pre School Graduation

R shone at his pre-school graduation!

He has come so far. This little cutie now stands with his class, is calm without tears, wears the grad cap, and even went so far as to do two or three actions to Head Shoulders Knees & Toes.

These may seem little to you, but to us and to R, they are major accomplishments and we celebrate.

Huge, I tell ya, HUGE progress!!!
Can you tell I am proud?

All this from a shy, anxiety ridden little guy who in December would not participate in the Christmas program at all. He sat with his favorite teacher Miss J, tear-wet cheeks, and scared little eyes. But now!
Notice the tie?
Hand painted by moi, using toothpicks...don't look too close!

Now he is a star by staying with his class and being BRAVE. Oh so brave!
R & his best school friend C. 

New, bigger things are on the horizon for Bup.
(Things that scare the beejeebies out of this momma....but that's another post.)
With special friends Miss OT & Miss SLP. 
Treat Time!
W played hookey from Gr 1 to attend Rs R's request. So sweet! Be still my momma's heart!

By the way....W was our official photographer for the event too. He loves to be behind the camera and did a pretty bang up job. So proud!

Congrats to R....our pre-school graduate!

PS: He has worn that red TTSH hat every day since and it was the FIRST thing he asked for the morning after. Which is pretty cute & funny, since he's hanging out in his hat and angry birds backpack all day, all the time, everywhere! (Thank goodness we can get the tie off him!) I've got to get a picture!

Angry Birds Partay...for a boy who's 5yrs!

Five is such a milestone to this momma. 5yrs! It seems like a turning point for all kiddos....maybe because of upcoming kindergarten, babyhood is truly gone and all that jazz.

To celebrate we hosted his first big friend party, after cancelling the first date due to Strep, which was Angry Bird themed as this little man is ob-sessed with the Birds. Seriously obsessed.

First, there was the cake. Which turned out pretty cute (and I completely cheated on). It was filled with sugar, made from a mix, the frosting was prebought in a giant pail and colored by me, the decorations are an actual game, and .....the kids LOVED it.

Angry Birds Birthday Cake

Next, came the decorations. Simple and fun.

Giant Angry Birds poster, free handed by my favorite husband....for the Pin the Beak on the Bird game.

Stuffy Angry Bird collection decorates the mantle.

Balloons....lots of balloons.

Simple, busy, Birds mantle, including the Happy Birdsday banner handdrawn by 6yr old W.

Pigs, pigs, galore!

Miss Julie, our talented balloon artist.

Angry Bird balloon creation

Angry Bird brothers. Aren't' they hilarious? Mr. Super Happy & Mr. Not.
The whole fam wore Angry Birds tshirts. (Thank you is good for something...I try not to envision the Angry Birds sweatshop that exists somewhere in the far east....)

The birthday gang

After playing Pin the Beak on the Bird, Pass the Pig (remember Hot Potato? now played with a stuffed pig to the Angry Bird music....seriously, we Birded out!)  balloon creations, eating cake, opening presents, many of which were Angry Bird themed somethings, loot bags were handed out, the two hours were up and it was time for Rs friends to go home.

 He was THRILLED by his first friend party and we were exhausted!  I'm so pleased that we could celebrate with our little Angry Bird guy and give him a special afternoon. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pre School Father's Day Celebration

After a fun filled evening at preschool making ties and rockets (from Yop bottles), the only way to get this kiddo to sit for a pick was to dare him NOT to!  Oh the power of reverse psychology!

B the D in his homemade tie and R with his rocket....yet to be launched.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Foody Goody

Boxed cereal is rarely in our pantry, much to my husband's and children's dismay. But's just empty caloric crap  carbs, yet there are times when I give in and purchase Chex as a treat. The Testosteronies here are so pleased.

Today while grocery shopping with Bup, who was showing me his "crazy walk"....swinging side to side-ish while holding my hand & pulling me lopsided, I dared to compare the sugar content and ingredient list of Honey Nut Chex with Alphabets. Thinking that Alphabets are "junk" (as Bup would say).


They have EQUAL sugar content and Alphabets is the winner in regards to fewer preservatives and other methyl hydro oxination blah blah words that I do not know.

Alphabets wins??? !!!  

Shocking, I say. Simply shocking. Plus, they are gluten free....

.....and half the price.

So, excuse me, while I catch my breath and quietly admit....that two boxes of the Bits came home with us today. Of course, after I promised Bup that they taste better than Chex.....and he looked at me in a very skeptical way, but is slightly willing to give them a try.

I know I'm going.... to .....regret..... this.

P.F. Changs. Oh heaven.
Yes, others would disagree....that it's not real Asian food, but oh yum!
The Sichaun Asparagus is a delight. Not to neglect their Chicken Lettuce Wraps or Shanghai Cucumbers or spicy Ginger Beer.

My taste buds are smiling now, just from writing and reminiscing.

Recently, during a little get away to the grey, rainy city of Seattle, P.F Changs and Il Fornaio ( and of course the Pike Place Market) became my favorite go-to eateries. Especially, because vegetables and lean protein is all that I consume lately. (Another post will come on that crazy topic!). So, a freshly made salad or a steaming spicy plate of asparagus is a gal's best friend when exploring down town Seattle.

Last night, I tried Jamie Oliver's homemade Ginger Beer recipe. Easy peasy!
Jamie Oliver's Ginger Beer

Super puckery. Maybe I shouldn't have used the blender and perhaps should have followed his recipe to the letter.

Ah well....more for me!