Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pre School Graduation

R shone at his pre-school graduation!

He has come so far. This little cutie now stands with his class, is calm without tears, wears the grad cap, and even went so far as to do two or three actions to Head Shoulders Knees & Toes.

These may seem little to you, but to us and to R, they are major accomplishments and we celebrate.

Huge, I tell ya, HUGE progress!!!
Can you tell I am proud?

All this from a shy, anxiety ridden little guy who in December would not participate in the Christmas program at all. He sat with his favorite teacher Miss J, tear-wet cheeks, and scared little eyes. But now!
Notice the tie?
Hand painted by moi, using toothpicks...don't look too close!

Now he is a star by staying with his class and being BRAVE. Oh so brave!
R & his best school friend C. 

New, bigger things are on the horizon for Bup.
(Things that scare the beejeebies out of this momma....but that's another post.)
With special friends Miss OT & Miss SLP. 
Treat Time!
W played hookey from Gr 1 to attend Rs R's request. So sweet! Be still my momma's heart!

By the way....W was our official photographer for the event too. He loves to be behind the camera and did a pretty bang up job. So proud!

Congrats to R....our pre-school graduate!

PS: He has worn that red TTSH hat every day since and it was the FIRST thing he asked for the morning after. Which is pretty cute & funny, since he's hanging out in his hat and angry birds backpack all day, all the time, everywhere! (Thank goodness we can get the tie off him!) I've got to get a picture!

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