Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Foody Goody

Boxed cereal is rarely in our pantry, much to my husband's and children's dismay. But's just empty caloric crap  carbs, yet there are times when I give in and purchase Chex as a treat. The Testosteronies here are so pleased.

Today while grocery shopping with Bup, who was showing me his "crazy walk"....swinging side to side-ish while holding my hand & pulling me lopsided, I dared to compare the sugar content and ingredient list of Honey Nut Chex with Alphabets. Thinking that Alphabets are "junk" (as Bup would say).


They have EQUAL sugar content and Alphabets is the winner in regards to fewer preservatives and other methyl hydro oxination blah blah words that I do not know.

Alphabets wins??? !!!  

Shocking, I say. Simply shocking. Plus, they are gluten free....

.....and half the price.

So, excuse me, while I catch my breath and quietly admit....that two boxes of the Bits came home with us today. Of course, after I promised Bup that they taste better than Chex.....and he looked at me in a very skeptical way, but is slightly willing to give them a try.

I know I'm going.... to .....regret..... this.

P.F. Changs. Oh heaven.
Yes, others would disagree....that it's not real Asian food, but oh yum!
The Sichaun Asparagus is a delight. Not to neglect their Chicken Lettuce Wraps or Shanghai Cucumbers or spicy Ginger Beer.

My taste buds are smiling now, just from writing and reminiscing.

Recently, during a little get away to the grey, rainy city of Seattle, P.F Changs and Il Fornaio ( and of course the Pike Place Market) became my favorite go-to eateries. Especially, because vegetables and lean protein is all that I consume lately. (Another post will come on that crazy topic!). So, a freshly made salad or a steaming spicy plate of asparagus is a gal's best friend when exploring down town Seattle.

Last night, I tried Jamie Oliver's homemade Ginger Beer recipe. Easy peasy!
Jamie Oliver's Ginger Beer

Super puckery. Maybe I shouldn't have used the blender and perhaps should have followed his recipe to the letter.

Ah well....more for me!

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