Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Here I Am...

The children are downstairs quietly playing, dinner is in the oven, the "News" is on TV (I rarely watch as it is so negative. More politics? Ok. Less murder and mayhem.)

These days our life consists of homeschooling, living in the woods, solo parenting and working hundreds of kilometres away from home (Brad) and all that goes with these events.

Healthwise....the boys are doing well. All things considered. Due to the TSC, Rhett will always be under our watchful eye and consequently there are tests and results and therapies and delays and strategies and struggles. Life with "The Maybe Disease" as Brad and I call it.

Warner continues to shock and amaze us with his brilliance, interests, literal views, and struggles. There's always a struggle with any child however, Warner's have declined. Age? Therapy? Meds? Who knows. A combination of the three? Probably, whichever, I am grateful.

Life is a blessing and a trial. The trial area is in my head. I know that. However, it's still real. Loneliness, purpose and frustration are always close to the surface for me. So....the flavor of this blog will change as compared to before as the boys are older, stable, and I am in a different season, per say.

Follow along and comment, if you will.

Best wishes,