Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Sister!

Sister A was the New Year's Baby of her time. 1963. Noted in the local newspaper and received special gifts and all. Famous at birth!

We always celebrate her birthday by going for breakfast/brunch. Over the years we have brought babies with us, dined at the Teahouse at COP, breakfasted at home (too many small kids to go out), laughed, been asked to leave the restaurant to make room for other diners and now her daughter babysits my boys so that we can dine sans enfants. It's wonderful!

The last two years we have found a delicious, amazing brunch at a hotel that is akin to breakfast on a cruise with animal shaped butter and such. We love it! And go alone! Even better!

This year will be no exception.

However the highlight for me, besides spending time with Sister A, is the gift. This year her gift is completely heartfelt and unexpected. Not the heartfelt part, but the actual gift.

It's a long complicated story that requires a two page genogram, as we only share the same birth father, not the same birth mother, however were raised by the same parents including my birth mother as my sister's mom died when Sister A was 18mths of age.


Found, thick with dust, in a long forgotten cupboard at Mom's, was the wedding cake topper from my father and his first wife's wedding (1960ish)..... my sister's mom. So, I brought it home, washed it and have displayed it in a shadow box with blue-grey glitter in the bottom as the dress Miss M wore when she married my father was bluey-grey. (I know that dress is about somewhere and want to find it too!)

Hopefully, Sister A loves her gift. It is heartsy and filled with a history that we know little of, but out of that past I received a sister who is also a dear friend.

Happy Birthday "Lala"!

Cake Topper from A & M's wedding. Circa 1960~ish.

Christmas Morning Pics

Bup with his Santa gift that W requested on his behalf.

Santa came! Ready to unwrap.

Happy Bup - notice the line up of unwrapped gifts?

W thrilled with his freshly built Droid Tri Fighter
A little late....but better than never right?

Our Christmas was so quiet and peaceful and...bizarre! There was just the three of us as B is back at work. We celebrated earlier in the month when B was home so this was just Santa's time to shine.

W slept in until 730 then raced upstairs to wake us 'cause "Santa CAME!" It was sweet to see W waiting happily in front of the tree while Bup tried to rub the sleep from his eyes and focus on what was happening. Thank goodness for technology as I thought to Facetime B on his Iphone so that he could "join" us for the kiddos gift opening. Kinda sad that we depend on Apple so much in this house, but we're grateful just the same.

In the afternoon we had a sweat pants inducing dinner at my sister's with just my mom and her friend as additional family. Quiet...calm....Q-U-I-E-T.

These two most recent Christmases have been the quietest I have ever experienced. I am not complaining. However, if Mr. B thinks he is working next year.....well, we'll just invade the wellsite and see how that works!

Hope your Christmas was lovely....peaceful and filled with laughter.

New Years Baby

May this New Year's Eve be one of celebration (however that may look), wonder and good wishes for the upcoming year for you and your family.

Do you remember watching the New Year's Baby cartoon on TV as a kid? Big fall down ears, top hat and all?
 Well, who knew that flash forward many years and I would have my own replica?! 
I miss that little babe! Now he's 4yrs and there is no way he would let me take another pic like I'll reap the benefits while I can. ;)

All the best in 2012!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys

Mothering boys. I love them dearly, but really. Who signed me up for this!
Why am I ranting? Well....

Today....after many small challenges, breakages, forgetfulnesses, on their part of course (cause Ha! It's never me. Never the Mom!) ....I sent W to the linen closet for a towel as I was cleaning up a spill in his room.  He did not return.

So, I sent R to "help" him. R did not return.

Off I went. Meeting silence in the laundry room. R standing in the middle and W....

.....well, W was attempting to crawl out of the washing machine.

* * * * * * * 

As W started sliding down the railing on the school steps, I reminded him that he was going to fall on his little noggin. 

Well, it wasn't his noggin that got hurt.

"Owwww!" As he holds his...ahem....private parts.
"I hurt my nuts."|

Gahhh! What?! WHERE did he get that word!

"Uh, W, where did you learn that word? We don't use it. It's just slang and doesn't sound nice."

"Why don't we say "Nuts"? It's the same as penis."

"Uh, no." And then an explanation ensued. By the way, B the D is with us...he's the DAD and a MAN and so why am I giving male anatomy lessons?!

To which W replied, "Well, there feels like there is a ball in my testicles."
Ugh! I give up!

* * * * *
A couple of weeks ago we were visiting dear friends out of town. They too have a funny little man who witnessed a moment when R and I were talking and not communicating well. 

Little Cutie Cornberg....age 5yrs.....tells his mom, 
"That brain surgery didn't work very well, because he's not listening."


Now! If that's not the quote of 2011, well, I don't know what is!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday-Morning Love...

This quiet Thursday morning I am loving....
....that 4 other students from W's class were "tardy" with him. We weren't the only ones in the office for a late slip this morning!

....watching and listening to R and B build an Iron Man. Great fine motor practice! R is so wiggly (keeps popping up to kiss my knee) and exclaiming, "It's hard!" yet he's getting it....just needs a lot of encouragement and assistance.

....sitting beside the Christmas tree, diet coke beside me, boy and the dad on the floor in front of me, and no where to go. Thursday is the only week day that we have absolutely nothing scheduled. It's our home day. Hallelujah!

What are you loving on this Thursday?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Laughter = Sanity

Sometimes the month of December can be a little stressy.
Time passes too does the cash from our wallets...weird rellies come out of the woodwork and have all sorts of demands (and I just may be one of them!)....sleep deprivation is rampant....too much food, sugar, chocolate and not enough wine....whatever the cause, I hope the month of Christmas is bringing you happiness and peace.
If you're having one of THOSE days, here's a few funnies to help you get by with a smile.

 Please excuse the profanity!;)

I so want to be this gal when I am 100....except I'll be lighting a cigar!

 Yup. Need I say more?

When we have sticky snow...the boys and I are doing this!

And last but not least....I would love to make this mat for our front door! Ha!
(all Courtesy of Pinterest)

Giggling yet? Hope so!

Merry Boys

Grocery shopping can take the wind out of any mom's sails but these two little cuties were so happy, had their listening ears tuned in and made the whole experience joyful.

Aren't they cute?

And no.....they're not getting vitamins for Christmas! ( crack me up!)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baby Girl

While we're on the topic of cupcakes, this little Muffy spent two days with us. She is such a sweetie...content....loves to snuggle....coos and smiles, especially when I sing to her. She is hilarious at feeding time. As soon as I tuck the bib under her chin, her legs start kicking, she starts huffing and squirming and if she would only get her fists out of the way she could start eating! Funny girl.

Sweetly sleeping in the sling with me.


This pretty pink lady has graced our home as a Christmas gift.

"Pinky" is not something I would have bought for that makes her a worthwhile gift. Plus, she is super fast at baking tasty cupcake treats. 5-8 minutes and there were 8 golden Pumpkin Cupcakes cooling on our counter. Who can complain at 5 minutes for a batch of cupcakes!

Our Babycakes, Pinky, is a hit. Each member of our household was thrilled to come home from gymnastics and find warm cupcakes and the aroma of cinnamon to greet them.

Looking for something unique to add to a Christmas list....such as yours...then this little baker just might be the one!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


As a child Advent was not recognized by our family.  It was in regards to church and the upcoming Christmas program at school and Sunday school. But there was no chocolate a day Advent calendar or anything else. So, I love celebrating it with the boys.

Don't you find that the activities or celebrations you missed out on as a child are one's you want to create for your kiddos? Or is that just me?

Anyway, back to reality.....

Last year we marked the Advent tradition with our little wooden Advent house and in each door/drawer was a small Christmas decoration  ( I mean tiny!) or festive eraser, tattoo, etc. The boys LOVED it! W prayed every morning after checking the Advent house. He's so cute!

(photo courtesy of Pinterest-katherinemarephotography)

So, this year the house is on display, but I have wrapped 24 books for the boys to open. All in identical paper with no name noted. Surprise!

I think we may add an activity a day to our Advent traditions. A book to read and an activity to least 15 occupied minutes!;)

And day one of Advent was as equally thrilling as last year. W instantly knelt on his knees to pray and R kept saying, "I just love my surprise present. I love it!|

What are your Advent traditions? Do you light a candle each week? Only wear blue or purple?;)
Use an advent calendar (Lutheran tradition)? Nothing?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Coconut Milk Whipped "Cream"

Whipped cream is such a wonderful treat....on coffee, hot chocolate, pies, etc.  This whole non dairy eating really hurts one's whipped cream tooth! I have tried making a tofu version  and it was tasty but not as fluffy as I had hoped.

So, this will be my latest attempt. Coconut milk, chilled, spiced, and whipped....mmmmm....that just sounds rich and delicious.

(photo courtesy of Nutty Kitchen)

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Maybe it was today's wind....why not? These Chinook winds bring headaches and all sorts of maladies to people. Which on a blustery day like today, well, it's no wonder. Crazy winds! Close downtown Calgary due to the winds & danger, kind of winds....but no, it's not due to the wind...'s the ADHD monster.

Grocery shopping on a sunday can test the patience of ANYONE just based on volume. Today was weird. I was calm. The rest of the world was not. Signs and garbage and grocery carts and such were blowing everywhere ( I do not exaggerate!). Debit machines were down. People were huffy. I was calm.

Shocking, I know!

My W was not. He was FAST. His engine was running on overdrive. Dialled up. Happy. Just High. Singing Christmas songs.....walking fast....on the cart, off the cart, on the cart, off the cart...but staying with me.

The second grocery store which we desperately needed as it's the only one in our community that carries spelt or kamut bread....was a strange experience. There was hardly anyone there....and the debit/credit machines were not working so there was a 7 person line up for the in-store bank machine.

The ATM machine is in an entrance with automatic doors and a large pop and microwave popcorn display. Welllllll......while we waited one boy sat on the window sill wearing his Santa hat and eating his bun.

The other boy circled the pop display....sneaking behind and around....trying to trick me....smiling away....eventually I asked him to show me how he can be the best listener and sit down (because he had went out the doors & wasn't this time we're getting a look or two from other patrons....& I frankly don't care). So down he sits beside his little brother....glancing and smirking at me....until he couldn't handle it anymore.....

.....and he snuck behind the pop display with a light giggle. I had just finished saying "Come on out"...when he KNOCKED OVER the popcorn display.

Oh mannnn!

People were not pleased. Goodness adults can be passive-aggressive crusties! I ignored them, calmly walked over to W, and advised him to pick it all up. Which he did. Without complaint. Bup and I helped with the last few boxes and off we went to purchase our bread.

And that's when he said it. Holding my hand, bouncing around....

"I feel helpless."

Ugh. Right into the heart. A spike.

I can hardly see due to the shining lightbulb that just went off in my head.

As I crouch down, hold him by the hand, and ask W to look me in the eye, I respond,
"You are. "
"What?! You're say I'm helpless??!!"
"Where's your engine?"
"Yes, it's FAST W. I know this. I know you can't help it. I know you aren't making it this way. That's why I agree that you are helpless. I am NOT mad at you. I know you don't want to be fast. I know it's hard for you right now. BUT I have to help you. I have to correct you, protect you and help you with that fast engine. Okay? Look in my eyes. Okay?"

Oh! That realization (again) that W can feel he's out of control, but cannot stop it and does not like it......well, what can I say?

It's headshaking.....wrong....sad.....frustrating....heartbreaking.....and screams VOLUMES to me.
My little man.

So, if you see a child bouncing to no end out there....and a mom just going along, trying to adjust as she can.....stop before you judge. Maybe that child is feeling "helpless" like my 6 yr old did today.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Emotional Overreaction Sans Professionalism

Ohhhh, it was just one of those days. Two days really.
It all started with Wednesday which was Bup's Neuro appt with Dr. B....just our regular Neurologist. Whom I adore. He's heartsy and kind and gets R and is open and smart and all those great doc characteristics that we pray for.
Buuuut why did the bells in my head ring when Nurse Neuro almost apologetically advised that Dr.B has a Resident with him.
Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!
For whom the bell tolls.
Our appointment started at 130 and it was 345 when it finished. Both Bup and I were so tired. Thank goodness I had a squishy ball with "worms" inside for us to play catch with.
And Mr. Resident's assessment skills were ridiculous. Really. Asking R if he knew where he was. What building are you in? Give me a break! This is a child who only shrugs his shoulders at people he knows if they get too close and ask too much.....let alone a fuzzy faced, hootspa pronouncing pretend Dr.

Finally sweet Dr. B was beckoned and we could get down to business.
No seizure was captured during the EEG.
He is spiking on the borders of removal areas.
Meds were upped as much as they could be which is only a ml of Trileptal. The meds are BARELY holding the seizures at bay. If I am 30 min late with his morning meds....and it happens sometimes.....he has a seizure by 10am. Clock work.
Dr. B doesn't want to bring him in for a VEEG yet because he has been through so much lately soooooooo.....we wait until June for a MRI and VEEG with no meds.

That was Wednesday.

Lurking in my email was a glimpse of the PT assessment results. Scored in the 1st percentile. Severe Gross Motor delay.


So, that was just ONE-MORE-THING.

Then Thursday arrived & for some reason, I lost it when talking to the director of his preschool about the PT assessment. Just started blubbering and it totally took me off guard. Poor lady. I scared the pants off her because I have never shown that kind of emotion in front of the school team. I ended that phone call in a hurry...but not before politely refusing to come see her that morning.

Well, wouldn't you know that Ms. Director (whom I adore) set up a meeting for me with the PT, Speech Path, President of IFK, and a Psychologist. Now what does that tell you?

They were alarmed! Me...blubbering on the phone....look what kind of action/fall out that brought! Lord...(my eyes are rolling into my head as I write this!)

The psychologist? She's for me. Not Bup. Every Friday morning we are now meeting.

If I wasn't so embarrassed I would laugh hysterically.

My interblogging, seizure sharing friend recently wrote a post in regards to "a good cry". Well, Happy's Mommy, apparently I needed one, didn't recognize that and it snuck up on me. Cause when I met with the team Fri morning....I bawled through that too.

At least they laughed when I declined the offer of coffee and requested vodka instead. Ahhhh....they already think I'm nuts hence the Psychologist so I might as well bring booze and humor into the picture.

If my next post is from the Mental Health Unit at PLC, then please note that the booze injection was not seen as funny! ;)

Read to Me

Totally warmed my heart to hear W's enthused response when R asked him to read to him. They sat together through four books.

Warms my heart that W can read to his brother willingly and happily!

Loving these brief moments of brotherly bliss.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Bring on the Ranch!

I love Kraft dressings. Filled with chemicals, sugar and other words that I cannot pronounce. We have not had these hear tattack enducing, taste bud freezing, cellulite building bottle of salad toppings in our fridgidaire for years.
And now, we don't even miss the Ranch Dressing because we have a homemade version that is even tastier!
Oh yeah.....and.....I'm willing to share the recipe. Aren't you so lucky!

Ranch Dressing Mix
1/2 cup onion powder
1 Tbsp celery salt of Vege-Sal (used VS)
2 Tbsp parsley flakes
1 Tbsp poppy seeds
1 Tbsp dill weed
2 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp sweet basil
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 Tbsp dry sweetener
Mix together and store in an airtight container. Makes 1 cup.

Ranch Style Dressing
1 cup mayo of your choice
1 Tbsp lemon juice (optional)
1/2 cup water
1 rounded Tbsp Ranch Dressing Mix
Mix & serve with tossed salad or as a dip for crudites.

YUM!!! Healthy yum! No fillers, no mystery names, chemicals, etc.

Where did I find such a recipe? Why the 7 Secrets Cookbook of course. It's one of my all time favorites when it comes to vegan, healthy from scratch foods.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Battle Ax Parenting

Did your parents ever spew the words, "She's just an old battle ax!" It's definitely NOT a compliment. Tonight, it's a statement that I'm sure my boys, especially W, would spew at me, if he knew it. Thank heavens for small blessings because he doesn't!

What is your after school/bed time routine for your kiddos?
Seriously. I need major help here as something has gone terribly askew. Oh, I know what it is but now how to change it.

You see, my boys want me to lay with them in their beds, read a couple of books to them and then sing three songs, then continue to "snuggle" until they fall asleep. As heartwarming and sweet as that is....I just can't do it any longer!

What is your "tuck in" method?

My house looks like a bomb went off....cause NOTHING gets accomplished in the evenings. Either I fall asleep with the boys or when I finally get away from them, I am so exhausted that I again accomplish nothing.

Plus, I get no down time for myself. Maybe this comes off as selfish and maybe it is, but as a married somewhat single parent, it's imperative that I recharge. Daytime does not allow for much alone time even with W in school full time and R part time. Grocery shopping, gymnastics, doctors appointments, OT Group Therapy, all still takes place, which equates more mom, organizer, admin assistant, health care generalist role than M role. Know what I mean?

SOOOO.....much to my children's dismay I've instilled the new routine which is reading together on the couch for 15 min or so and then taking each boy to their own room with a kiss and I love you and that's it.

W doesn't understand why I am being so mean. In fact, I tucked him in a hour ago and he was just up for the third time asking if I could snuggle him.

It's killing me! And I am at a complete loss as to what is right or not.

So there ya have it, I've moved into the "Battle Ax Parenting" zone and out of the glimpse of Attachment Parenting zone (written as I wear a wee 6 week old babe in a sling;).

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chair Love...and Fear

I have a vision for our living room. It's tiny and full and has no flow. The leather couch and love seat are wonderful but take up too much space, are dark, and really only seats 4 people because very rarely does more than two people sit on the the 3 seater couch.

Four cozy chairs and a round coffee table would be comfortable, encouraging of settling in for a long chat and lots of laughs. Place in front of the fire place. Ahhh....wanna come over and curl your feet up in a big chair, enjoy a cuppa or a glassa, while the kiddos run wild, bring their latest lego creations to show & share???

The layout of both pics are what I have in mind. Not necessarily the style, however I do enjoy the wainscotting in the first example.

Hiding in our garage, waiting patiently for me are wing chairs that need to be recovered. My grand plan is to do so and redesign our living room like so.


I'm scared.

I have the fear.

Fear of the project. Can I do it? Really do it.....complete those chairs so that they look lovely and not an embarassment?

These chairs are in my vision. Did you know they were recovered with a painters drop cloth? How's that for inexpensive and innovative?! Could I dye the canvas a darker beige? Then Scotch Guard them to my heart's content. After all I do have two boys! And a dog.

Over thinking? Yes. That's why I'm scared. Usually I just jump in, figure it out as I go.....uh, like the time I used an electric knife to cut a whole in the drywall....and it all works out. But this time, I just keep thinking and looking at pictures and magazines and have not got started!

My wingback chairs have a fun story already as my friend, Thelma, and I picked them up late one evening from two different homes as they were a Kijiji bargain, chatted with one lovely couple and watched their neighbor vacuum his driveway.....I kid you not! So....they deserve refinishing just for conversation factor.

Or maybe each chair in a different pattern but matching colors? Like the following chairs?

(pic sources: Pinterest, Miss Mustard Seed, BHG)

Hopefully....the fear will dissipate and we'll have "new" chairs to curl up in.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Dinner Tonight

It's been ages since I posted a recipe.
A Foodie post is not the most exciting topic of all, but goodness knows we all need a little meal inspiration at times. Often, my inspiration comes from other blogs and of course, Pinterest.
Tonight's meal was a Pinterest find which I tweaked to become Gluten Free and Vegan.....cause that's how this howse I sit here with a tub of Vanilla Coconut Bliss by my side.
(photo courtesy of Pinterest)

As I mentioned, I was inspired by the pic on Pinterest. It's description included lemon juice and parsley. I couldn't find a recipe on line with these ingredients so the linked one above was close. My changes included balsamic vinegar instead of vermouth, vegan "parmesean", and rice pasta.
The end result was yummers! It was almost a little sweet. And W said it smelled like garlic toast. Mmmmm.....
W and I really enjoyed it and of course, R wouldn't let it cross his lips. That little fella has gotten a bit picky. If it's different he expresses an immediate "I don't like it." And stubborn? Why yes, he is as he won't even give in for a taste.
So, W and I enjoyed this for dinner tonight.
Hope you try it one day too. It's easy and hearty. A nice change from traditional spaghetti with meat sauce.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Market

Are you coming?

This is probably the best Christmas market in the area....hands down. Maybe it's the hundreds of vendors...or maybe it's the outdoor (and indoor) setting, the roasting chestnuts, the music, the hayrides and Santa's workshop.
If you've never been, you must! This weekend....starting tomorrow.

See you there!

Found a Peanut

"Found a peanut, found a peanut, found a peanut last night...."

This little "peanut" has found her way into our family and hearts. She is residing with my sister while her momma gets well. Which means she has sleepovers with "Auntie" at least a day or two a week.

As a mom of boys it sure is nice to have a bundle of pink to snuggle! What a wee bundle she is....weighing in at just barely over 7lbs and 4 weeks old. It's hilarious changing a diaper this tiny and feeding this little mouth. My boys were NEVER this small, not even at birth so it is an adjustment. Oh but what a sweet one! This little Peanut is content and snuggly and just all around adorable.

Bup ADORES her....tells people "I have a special baby." and "Can I pet her?" Yes...P-E-T. He touches her with one finger and comments on how soft she is. It's wonderful to watch him nurture her. What a little Love Bug!

W AVOIDS he plugs his ears if she makes any noise louder than a squeak, says "You know I don't like babies." cause they are "wrinkly and red", yet he asks where she is and notices how tiny she is. He'll come around. He just needs some encouragement and praise....and ear plugs!

So...welcome little Peanut. You're always welcome for sleepovers at Auntie's house. We're all in love with you already.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


It does not get any easier....these "EGs" as R calls them.
Holding him on his body and a staff holding his head while the tech hooks up the's brutal...always.

This time Bup screamed, cried and yelled, "I don't like these stupid doctors!" and I don't blaim him one bit, but the clincher for my heart was when he sobbed, "No knives. No knives on my head."
The poor little critter thought the Tech was going to cut his head open (surgery).

Kids shouldn't have these anxieties or memories. What happened to lollypops and racecars and snails and puppy dog tails? Well, that's all a fairy tale and here we are all about reality.
Reality is....we have no results from the EEG yet and I am so looking forward to our Neuro appt on the 23 to view the results and I can present my list of questions to Doc Neuro.

Until then, I'm grateful we were able to wash that glue out of Bup's hair and that the crazy "EG" hair has been tamed!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Haunting

On the first day of Halloween, my Swamp Thing gave to me....
a boy named Dash who blew out his knee.

On the second day of Halloween, my Swamp Thing gave to me....
two treating boys and a boy named Dash who blew out his knee.

On the third day of Halloween, my Swamp Thing gave to me....
three jackolanterns, two treating boys and a boy named Dash who blew out his knee.
On the fourth day of Halloween, my Swamp Thing gave to meee....
four dollars & candies to share, three jackolanterns, two boys for treating, and one boy named Dash who blew out his kneeee....
On the fifth day of Halloween my Swamp Thing gave to me...
Five Freaky Mummy's....(and here's one of them!)....four....
We survived the Hallow'd holiday! The boys had so much fun and were thrilled to participate. As a mom who limits if not outlaws sugar, I was thrilled to see their joy of Trick or Treating and then their generousity in donating their candy to the kiddos on the Neuro unit at Children's Hospital as well as their share funds from their piggy banks.

It's really difficult to tell in the pictures at Emily's Backyard that they were happy....but they were. These boys of mine have a shy streak in them lately. Hence the escape artist and the one who is inching out of the frame.

Hale to the Halloween Fairy who exchanged candy for tiny toys like volcanoes, Star Wars playing cards and Rocket Balloons. That little witch's gifts made for a bright Nov 1 morning!

Monday, October 24, 2011


A little update on our Bup.
He's still doing so well. Enjoying pre-school although he always says before leaving the house "I don't like school. I don't like the sign that says school. It's a girl sign!"
What?! ~ can you see my eyes rolling and head shaking and the we'll just let that slide body language?~
Bup has recovered well from surgery, for all intents and purposes. Of course, the "other" seizures are still lurking. The current Topamax and Trileptal regime barely keep the Seizure Monsters at bay. If I am an hour late giving Bup his morning meds, he will seize at least once throughout the day.
And yes, I am THAT irresponsible mom that sometimes gets caught up in running late and getting the older boy off to school which means Bup may or may not receive his meds late. It has happened. Not often, but it has.
Next month it's EEG time. Wuhoo! Actually, as much as I hate putting R through them, I really want one done and want to hear about the results. I'm "looking forward" to this appt as I there are some questions lurking....about a couple of new drugs. One to shrink tumors and the other to shrink the skin tumors, facial angiofibromas.
Then there is the sleep concerns to address...which I will be firing off an email to Nurse Neuro and Dr. ENT tonight. A year ago Bup had an adenoidectomy.
Recently I had the sleepless pleasure of resting beside R while he slept. That child snores louder than his dad! (Sorry Honey!)
I always found it interesting that he sits up to "turn over" in his sleep, when really he sits upright...then flops down. Now, I'm pretty sure I know why. Be Cause he is waking himself up from not breathing. It was quite alarming to lay there and listen to his breath stop....even if just for a few seconds....over and over again throughout the night. I had no idea. I was sure there was no apnea.
Yeah, well, until this past March, I did not know he seizes at night either.
The Mother of the Year Award is quickly slipping away. See it go?
What will the Docs do for a little one with Apnea? Can you imagine Bup with a CPAP machine?! This is the child who shakes and fusses when I wipe his nose and who has NEVER picked his nose. Nasal prongs or a mask for a CPAP???? Now there's a torturous idea!
So....although R is doing phenomenally well, there are still issues, big and small, some mentioned here some not at all....yet.
Wed is an Opthamology appt to check on the tumor in his right eye. We are expecting that to be an uneventful new information....other than the crying, and struggling and yelling that will take place.

A for Army, B for Boobs, C for ...

Grade One brings many thing to a young boy's life...and his mom's for that matter.
Last week W learned more about patterning (math), tinting (science), home reading (level D) and exciting subjects like boobs and missing lunch hour recess for playing army.

First the boobs.
Please note we do NOT use this term at home. I dislike it. It's breasts or chest. That's it.
So imagine my surprise when I hear Sir W call R a "boob" only to have him later inform me that it's not a bad word cause everyone has boobs.

And where did he learn this word? His he says. They were talking about how tall he is and that he's almost up to her boobs. Huh? Oh please let that be wrong!

Boys will be boys...especially at lunch hour when they are left to their own devices. So, my Sir W and two other little grade oners were happily playing Army, swinging their coats around and pretending to fight each other.....which is not allowed on the playground. Army cost these three muskateers their next lunch hour. Now they are literate after spending 45 min "reading" in Principle's office.

The A, B, Cs of parenting a school aged child.
A is for Army
B is for Boobs
then C is for Crap!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


"Listen on the first time!
"What did I just say?"
"Mommy just wants you to listen!"
and sometimes it's even, "Hello?!" or "That's it! I'm getting my whistle!"

Oh, the joys of talking to the kiddos....getting them to listen and do right away. With one boy who has ADHD and another who is 4yrs sometimes turning 2yrs (Why? Why? Why Mommy? Why?), brain surged, direction challenged and TSC kiddo....the listening is a BIT of a moot point.

So, today when instructing W for the 4th time, "Do you have your backpack?" "Get your backpack."

He says to me,
"You are being Mr. Bossypants."

Okay.....point taken....BUT if you would just listen....and it's my JOB!

Hmmmm...maybe, just maybe I should have went to the "How to Talk So Your Kids Will Listen" workshop my Favorite Husband emailed me about.......

Do you have a special secret trick that works for creating listening skills in your children? I would love to know!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Decor

The day after Thanksgiving I was seriously advised that while he (W) was at school, I ought to be home decorating for Halloween. Because I told him we could not decorate until Thanksgiving was over. Did he forget? No. Did he take that very literally? Yes! has begun. There is a little more each day, so I will only post a few of the indoor items.

Thank heavens for Pinterest as many super spooky ideas are found there!

Super easy pumpkins & no mess!
Countdown Pumpkin - sprayed with chalkboard paint purchased at Michaels, hotglued feathers, birds and rats to the top...voila!
Mummy-kins - W is all about Mummies right now and his costume reflects that so we created some Mummy-kins by wrapping cheese cloth and hot glueing googly eyes.
Wingless Bat - well, he's been chalkboard painted too but W wants him as a bat so on went the eyes and sticker nose but I still have to convince W to make his wings! Eeee! Half finished bat-kin.

Says it all doesn't it?! Hallelujah for Michael's 50% off seasonal items.

Rat a tat tat...uck! This is W's style. His choice while Halloween shopping with B, my favorite husband and the boys beloved dad. Can you believe they brought these home? Yuck. W is enamoured with all things gross.
Which explains why he borrowed the Encyclopedia Horrifica from the school library. May I remind you he is 6yrs of age and goes to a K-4 school. Uh...where's the librarian? Anyway, I digress as I go off on a tangent suitable for a separate post....
Anyway, the rodents are W's and he is quite proud of them. Talk about a farewell statement as you leave. ....kinda like they are the giant cousins of the ones we catch in our fireplace....Oops! there I go, off-line, off-line.
Do you decorate for Halloween? All out or just a jack o lantern?

(PS: Our remaining spooky decor will be posted at a later date)

The Christmas Shoe

I remember this shoe. Fondly.

It was always on display at Christmas time...grandly and my Grandma Gertsma made it. All golden and arranged to display the poinsettas and little angel hidden within.
Makes me smile that this pasta encrusted, golden painted, plastic poinsetta'd shoe was kept and displayed year after year.

Tacky? Maybe.
Precious? Yes.
Treasured? Yes.

My southern grandma is long gone. Passed away at the young age of 98yrs when I was 16yrs of age. Yet, this funny Christmas shoe still exists. I found it last weekend tucked away in a super dusty cupboard at my mom's....long forgotten.
So, her golden heal has been dusted, the plastic flowers washed, the angel retucked, and ready for display when the Christmas season arrives.

Mr.6 - Lego Birthday

W is all about Lego. So, it's no surprise that Lego was the theme of choice for his birthday. Which is fun and easy for inspiration and ideas.

However, please note that I am full of ideas but not TALENT! Oh, how I wish there was some OCD and artistic talent coursing through my veins and brain. But alas....there is not. There is a lot of the "that'll do" and Kindergarten art skills oozing about. So be forewarned....the ideas may be grand, but the quality not so much!

W's Lego party decorations and plans consisted of:
  • lego creating with a Bricks4Kidz instructor
  • lego block cakes
  • homemade lego decorations - jars of lego & lego happy birthday board
  • lego cake pops - okay I almost made these...cookies made & all supplies ready...but I ran out of time and terrible is that! The birthday boy didn't even notice!

And the birthday gift....
repainting and docorating W's room with a little Star Wars paraphenlia. He is a fanatic! So I consented with sheets (hello Ebay!), Death Star grey paint (really, it's a dove grey from Lowe's) and Star Wars wall decals (found at Monkey Mountain).

I stayed up all night to finish it off....listening to Stuart McLean Vinyl Cafe podcasts, laughing out loud, snorting even, by myself....which was worth the effort as W was thrilled! Thrilled!

And there ya have it. The story of a lego birthday & star wars room for a little man turning 6yrs by his loving parents....whom are artistically challenged.

PS:There will be no mention of repairing the dry wall using an electric knife.... because I do not own power tools.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

River Dance

A favorite past times is to spend warm days by the river. Pack a snack, join a friend or cousin, bring the dog, and the camera 'n' off we go!

We are lucky to live in a city with two rivers and lucky to have a grandma with a river near her house too. Some people live near oceans....lakes...lucky ones! Us prairie dwellers make the most of what water sources we have...our rivers.

Throwing rocks, wading, building dams, finding clams, swinging bravely on a lone rope, listening to the calls of geese and cranes as they begin their annual migration.....shall I stop now?

Whatever will we do as this "flummer" comes to an end and the cold sets in? We can still visit the river...but it won't be the same to throw rocks while wearing mittens!

Sunny Days...

Ahhhh.....dreaming of the sunny days of summer. They're already becoming a memory. The bees, the warmth, the kids laughing outside playing with the dog and begging to go play in the backalley....where we ride bikes, scooters, kick the "Dora" ball around.
The healing. Watching over stitches. Watching for seizure activity. Thrilled that our little boy is doing well, but wishing he would not go down the slide head-first...or at all for that matter!
The sunny days of 2011 will always be overshadowed by R's temporal lobe resection. Waiting....then the hospital days....and then the healing. A wise inter-blogging friend once wrote me about getting to the healing side...and she is so right!
Fun day trips such as this one to the Sunflower Maze and animal park. Maneuvering the maze...the boys running ahead, holding my hand, running back to
check in and ensure we are all on the right path...looking for clues.
Ah, the sweet, sunny days.