Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chair Love...and Fear

I have a vision for our living room. It's tiny and full and has no flow. The leather couch and love seat are wonderful but take up too much space, are dark, and really only seats 4 people because very rarely does more than two people sit on the the 3 seater couch.

Four cozy chairs and a round coffee table would be comfortable, encouraging of settling in for a long chat and lots of laughs. Place in front of the fire place. Ahhh....wanna come over and curl your feet up in a big chair, enjoy a cuppa or a glassa, while the kiddos run wild, bring their latest lego creations to show & share???

The layout of both pics are what I have in mind. Not necessarily the style, however I do enjoy the wainscotting in the first example.

Hiding in our garage, waiting patiently for me are wing chairs that need to be recovered. My grand plan is to do so and redesign our living room like so.


I'm scared.

I have the fear.

Fear of the project. Can I do it? Really do it.....complete those chairs so that they look lovely and not an embarassment?

These chairs are in my vision. Did you know they were recovered with a painters drop cloth? How's that for inexpensive and innovative?! Could I dye the canvas a darker beige? Then Scotch Guard them to my heart's content. After all I do have two boys! And a dog.

Over thinking? Yes. That's why I'm scared. Usually I just jump in, figure it out as I go.....uh, like the time I used an electric knife to cut a whole in the drywall....and it all works out. But this time, I just keep thinking and looking at pictures and magazines and have not got started!

My wingback chairs have a fun story already as my friend, Thelma, and I picked them up late one evening from two different homes as they were a Kijiji bargain, chatted with one lovely couple and watched their neighbor vacuum his driveway.....I kid you not! So....they deserve refinishing just for conversation factor.

Or maybe each chair in a different pattern but matching colors? Like the following chairs?

(pic sources: Pinterest, Miss Mustard Seed, BHG)

Hopefully....the fear will dissipate and we'll have "new" chairs to curl up in.

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  1. Oooohhhhh! I cannot wait to see what you come up with for the fabrics! I have total faith that you can do it! And um....I'm gonna need to come sit and hear the "vacuuming the driveway story" for sure!