Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Coconut Milk Whipped "Cream"

Whipped cream is such a wonderful treat....on coffee, hot chocolate, pies, etc.  This whole non dairy eating really hurts one's whipped cream tooth! I have tried making a tofu version  and it was tasty but not as fluffy as I had hoped.

So, this will be my latest attempt. Coconut milk, chilled, spiced, and whipped....mmmmm....that just sounds rich and delicious.

(photo courtesy of Nutty Kitchen)


  1. I'm intrigued....did it work out?

  2. I tried this a while ago and it was delish - now I want to make some more...;)

    I found it didn't have quite the same texture/stiffness as whipped cream, but was very creamy and yummy. I'd happily exchange it for the real thing.