Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Natural Health Services

Are you interested in CBD Oil? Today we spent a few hours of our time at Natural Health Services with the intent to secure CBD oil for seizure control, anxiety, and attention.

The following is my experience and impression of the The Natural Health Services Clinic in Calgary. May this give you a small insight into the process to assist in your decisions.
The clinic is modern, clean, busy and has state of the art on line booking and medical information forms. I appreciate receiving text reminders of upcoming appointments, and the ability to complete forms on line.
Upon arrival, we signed in with the friendly, very patient receptionist and then it was a short wait before we saw the Doctor. I love a short wait!
The doctor was friendly, inclusive of my son and asked questions about his health and schooling directly to him (as well as me of course.) It is much appreciated that Dr. M spoke directly to Rhett, not over him or around him. So many health care professionals do this, talk of him as if he's not there, and it is unnecessary, to say the least. I digress...
Once a plan is agreed upon, we then moved on to the "store" where a "Bud Specialist" is to educate and help me choose a Licensed Provider. This is where the waiting took place for us! An hour at least before we were able to meet with staff. The boys were antsy but oh so patient in the scheme of things!
Now that I am home, I feel I could have used more detail during the choosing process. The CBD oil prescription we need is "in production" and only one producer in Canada makes it. Ugh! What this means is registering with two producers (no biggie) and ordering two oils to combine and make what I need. A little nerve wracking, but not really since I've been dealing with dosages and splitting meds and blah blah blah for many years.
So now, we wait. After registering with the producers, we wait for the paperwork to be received on their end which should take 2-3 weeks. Then an order is place and shipped directly to our home.
This afternoon, my boy almost lifted off his chair when he heard me report to the doctor the 99 seizures since Christmas Day. As I write this the tally is up to 107, so that is one reason to try CBD oil. Well, a mere 107 reasons.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Special Hands

The Seizure Monster.

Partial Complex Seizures stemming from the Motor Cortex.

A tingly hand, sometimes a tingle in the brain. A hand that will not respond.

10-60 seconds.

48 Partial Complex Seizures since Christmas morning.

One med increase: another 175 mg of Trileptal.

One 9 yr old boy who worries that he is going to need surgery again, who is concerned that he has "that type where you have hundreds of seizures a day that cause damage."

Many hearts melting each time another Seizure Monster rears it's tingly head. Many prayers being sent up for Rhett. Many thoughts and plans and wishes mulled over. Many questions. Many fears. Many hugs and laughs and continuing on.

A few hidden, quiet tears.