Friday, January 6, 2017

Special Hands

The Seizure Monster.

Partial Complex Seizures stemming from the Motor Cortex.

A tingly hand, sometimes a tingle in the brain. A hand that will not respond.

10-60 seconds.

48 Partial Complex Seizures since Christmas morning.

One med increase: another 175 mg of Trileptal.

One 9 yr old boy who worries that he is going to need surgery again, who is concerned that he has "that type where you have hundreds of seizures a day that cause damage."

Many hearts melting each time another Seizure Monster rears it's tingly head. Many prayers being sent up for Rhett. Many thoughts and plans and wishes mulled over. Many questions. Many fears. Many hugs and laughs and continuing on.

A few hidden, quiet tears.

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