Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Lazy Sunday

The Christmas Season has been magical.... intermittent with periods of reality as family and life co-exist....however, it's also wonderful to have a quiet, extremely lazy Sunday morning. 

R & W are still in their pjs, fireplace is on, Mrs. Doubtfire is showing on TV, and my hair is uncombed. Ahhhhh....heaven.

What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Bernt Berger

Once upon a time there was a moody mom who wanted a hug and chat from her husband while cooking dinner.

After placing hamburger on to cook, MM went upstairs to complain her woes away. 5 min later she is entering the kitchen to find the room FILLED with smoke. Oh look! It's pouring out of the pot! Lets take that baby to the front step.

As soon as the door was closed, the smoke detector started a piercing shriek . Waving towels & opening windows it finally stopped but then the house alarm went off.


Thank goodness the children hid in the basement & the husband hid upstairs.

Suddenly, MM noticed red flashing lights approaching the house. I'm sure all the neighbors did too.

Oh kind Fireman, thank you for being so patient, letting the 7 yr old in the truck to turn on the alarm, bringing all the trainees with you, etc.

We hope to only see you on a social basis from now on.

The sweet, humiliated husband scrubbed that burned pot for all he was worth. His dish pan hands will be ever marred.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Switch

As a parent of two exceptional boys, my past posts were consumed with W's antics. My how times are changing! There has been a switch in our household as R moves into this Wonderland role....I wonder what he'll come up with next?

Kindergarten has been a mixed bag of nuts for R. Every night before a school day, he begs to not go. Clings to my arm and "Please, please, please-es" me. It cracks my heart a little each time to tell R that he must go now as he is 5yrs. (5 has been a magic number for R....just not in this area) Finally he has disclosed that art is the problem. "I don't like art".

Well, most little boys aren't ones to sit and color or read all day now are they? They want to move and grove and shoot pretend guns and giggle and use potty talk.

Not your boy? Ohhhh....!!! That's just mine. {{wink wink}}

Anyhow...besides being gross motor motivated as all boys are, R has a moderate to severe fine motor delay....and he's really come far in this area....but still printing & drawing pictures are hard for him. Right now, this is presenting more as a planning problem, than a fine motor problem. Does that make sense? He's got the tri-pod grip down pat now and and can color. Last year at this time there was NO coloring, only tracing and dot to dots, so I tell you he has Come. Far.

BUT. All this printing and drawing pictures and PLANNING is difficult for our R.  Hence the aversion to school. You know, that "Draw 4 interesting Bat Facts" sheet kinda sent him rolling in the "I hate this" direction....but I digress.

Tuesday I was chatting with Mrs. J....his fanTABulous SNA....happened to mention Benson (the dog) and she was shocked.
"So he's alive then?"
Uh, what? Yes our dog is alive.

Turns out last week she was trying to get R to draw a picture of Benson, and he told her that his dog is dead. Died. Gone. And she felt so badly about bringing up a sad topic by using his pet to "coerce" a drawing.


She laughed and I was shocked that the little stinker lied to get out of drawing a picture. That turkey!
You know he hates art when.....

Lately, this kiddo, who was my easy boy, is throwing me all sorts of curve balls such as this. As noted, there's been a switch thrown between these boys.  I!-Yi-Yi!! What's a momma to do?!

Catching what R's pitching,
Mrs. M