Monday, January 28, 2013

Ski Day

"I'm Number 1, Mom!"

My little gap-toothed mountain man. Downhill skiier extrodinaire. 

A family ski lesson at Nakiska and we were all on the slopes. Well, Rhett and I were on the learning slope, the bunny hill, the magic carpet ride no need for poles hill. And I'm proud of us! I stayed up right. Did not fall down, not even on my kiddos, and refrained from knocking anyone else's over. Woot! Woot!
Brad of course is a novice skiier so he "dummied down" to hang the hill with his. What a love!
Seriously, it warms my heart that he wants us all to learn and to ski together as a family. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Review to You

Here we are....Jan 18 2013....and a review is in order. A mere fall/winter O-12 review and then onto the New!

September feels more like a "new year" to me than any other month, because of school I guess and the change in seasons. Well, there's nothing like moving to really bring on change. In three days we sold our little city abode.
Move in day to our new home in the trees.

Farewell to our first home. Where babies were born and raised.

The boys started new schools in the fall. BIG day for both boys. One in public school and the other private for "special needs" kids.  Then in October, SoCal called to us so off we jetted to Disneyland for our first ever trip to visit Jack Skellington, Lightning McQueen, the Muppets, and of course, Mickey.

Two days after returning from Anaheim we moved! West. To the foothills of our majestic Canadian Rockies.
And now it's November and  I feel like I missed Fall. Seeing Christmas decorations in the shops and mall blew my mind. Granted I was slightly addled after selling, buying, packing, moving, travelling, school adjustments, etc. What else is new? Addled is my normal.

Christmas in the "country". In the trees. With my family for two days and Brads and other guests for a night or so. It was busy, loud, and lovely. I offered Brad that we could both be drunk for the whole week cause I'm more pleasant with a little cheer in me. Guess what? It wasn't necessary! Woot! Woot!

Okay, Christmas is over. Long gone. Humor me though.
What's the worst Christmas gift you have ever received?

Mine? Hmmm.....
Probably the fly swatter.
For reals.
My tacky little mom, gave us girls each a fly swatter made from paint stir sticks, yarn, plastic and they had a butterfly on the top. UG-I-LY!
Join the laughter, share your worst gift ever.