Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Lazy Sunday

The Christmas Season has been magical.... intermittent with periods of reality as family and life co-exist....however, it's also wonderful to have a quiet, extremely lazy Sunday morning. 

R & W are still in their pjs, fireplace is on, Mrs. Doubtfire is showing on TV, and my hair is uncombed. Ahhhhh....heaven.

What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Bernt Berger

Once upon a time there was a moody mom who wanted a hug and chat from her husband while cooking dinner.

After placing hamburger on to cook, MM went upstairs to complain her woes away. 5 min later she is entering the kitchen to find the room FILLED with smoke. Oh look! It's pouring out of the pot! Lets take that baby to the front step.

As soon as the door was closed, the smoke detector started a piercing shriek . Waving towels & opening windows it finally stopped but then the house alarm went off.


Thank goodness the children hid in the basement & the husband hid upstairs.

Suddenly, MM noticed red flashing lights approaching the house. I'm sure all the neighbors did too.

Oh kind Fireman, thank you for being so patient, letting the 7 yr old in the truck to turn on the alarm, bringing all the trainees with you, etc.

We hope to only see you on a social basis from now on.

The sweet, humiliated husband scrubbed that burned pot for all he was worth. His dish pan hands will be ever marred.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Switch

As a parent of two exceptional boys, my past posts were consumed with W's antics. My how times are changing! There has been a switch in our household as R moves into this Wonderland role....I wonder what he'll come up with next?

Kindergarten has been a mixed bag of nuts for R. Every night before a school day, he begs to not go. Clings to my arm and "Please, please, please-es" me. It cracks my heart a little each time to tell R that he must go now as he is 5yrs. (5 has been a magic number for R....just not in this area) Finally he has disclosed that art is the problem. "I don't like art".

Well, most little boys aren't ones to sit and color or read all day now are they? They want to move and grove and shoot pretend guns and giggle and use potty talk.

Not your boy? Ohhhh....!!! That's just mine. {{wink wink}}

Anyhow...besides being gross motor motivated as all boys are, R has a moderate to severe fine motor delay....and he's really come far in this area....but still printing & drawing pictures are hard for him. Right now, this is presenting more as a planning problem, than a fine motor problem. Does that make sense? He's got the tri-pod grip down pat now and and can color. Last year at this time there was NO coloring, only tracing and dot to dots, so I tell you he has Come. Far.

BUT. All this printing and drawing pictures and PLANNING is difficult for our R.  Hence the aversion to school. You know, that "Draw 4 interesting Bat Facts" sheet kinda sent him rolling in the "I hate this" direction....but I digress.

Tuesday I was chatting with Mrs. J....his fanTABulous SNA....happened to mention Benson (the dog) and she was shocked.
"So he's alive then?"
Uh, what? Yes our dog is alive.

Turns out last week she was trying to get R to draw a picture of Benson, and he told her that his dog is dead. Died. Gone. And she felt so badly about bringing up a sad topic by using his pet to "coerce" a drawing.


She laughed and I was shocked that the little stinker lied to get out of drawing a picture. That turkey!
You know he hates art when.....

Lately, this kiddo, who was my easy boy, is throwing me all sorts of curve balls such as this. As noted, there's been a switch thrown between these boys.  I!-Yi-Yi!! What's a momma to do?!

Catching what R's pitching,
Mrs. M

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Trees

So,  we've moved. To the trees. Almost mountains. So close I can see them...if only for the trees! Those beautiful tall trees are part of the reason I have been a negligent blogger as now we have no internet access. Not officially....sort of.

Thank heavens for my friendly IPhone and 3G for it would really be rural technology here! So, for the time being I can blog on my mobile device which is aching my wrist and index finger or sometimes I'm able to cyphon it through to the laptop via IPhone personal hotspot. Risque minds removed from the "hotspot" please!

Mobile blogging gives you star photography scenes such as the above. My view as I sip a chai tea, listen to Christmas music ALONE while enjoying a little vehicular me time prior to an appointment with Dr. B.

Ahhhh.....the life of a mom. It's about the small moments, isn't it?

Dr. B, by the way, is our superstar Developmental Optometrist. W is participating in a Vision Therapy program with Dr B, Miss K (OT) and Miss J(yoga). I am so pleased with the program and the staff. Maybe not the homework...wink, wink....but we all know every therapy is just a means of managing/coping/learning so "homework" is forever....otherwise, what's the point? No gain.

Mmmm....warmth on a foggy, snowy Fall day.

And that, my Interblogging Friends, is what a mobile post looks like from me. Hoping for "real" internet aren't you?
Ya! Me too!

Not quite fogged in,
Mrs. M

Saturday, October 13, 2012

White Underwear

Having two little boys who are close to the same size has resulted in one boy wearing athletic style boxers & the other having briefs.
This makes laundry easier as who's who's is a no-brainer.
One day,the athletic boxers were all in the laundry so that boy was given a pair of white briefs to wear.
" I don't like white underwear Mom"
"Cause I look like Mr. Bean."

A week later brief boy walks into my bedroom wearing white underwear ad announces,
" I don't like these underwear"
"What? Why?"
"Because! They look like yours!"

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Anew

Traditionally Fall has always felt like a New Year to me. Definately because of school. The new school year, new clothes, new pencil crayons, sometimes new insecurities, and new friends.
This Fall is one of change like no other as well.

No, I'm not returning to school. ;)

Both of my boys are in new schools though. That counts.

We sold our house. In three days. With three showings. And three offers. Wowzas.

We bought a house.
Our new home.

 An acreage. Another big change. Farewell city living. Hello trees, wild life, quiet, and room to roam.

Fun, little barn. The boys and I are planning to sleep in the hayloft next summer.

Yes!  I am feeling incredibly blessed that we can provide this opportunity for the boys. To climb trees...and not be yelled at by Res. Assoc staff to get down!! build forts, to have a swing in the yard, to chase squirrels, learn how to skate on a pond, snowshoe, etc etc. We are blessed!

So, now it's packing time. Possession date is October 23. Pack and purge. Thankfully, my favorite husband is at work and unable to help which means I can purge with conviction and no explanation!

This Fall is all about new beginnings for the RWB household. New schools, new home, new lifestyle, new backyard friends that hopefully will keep their distance, right "Bullwinkle"?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Gobble Till You Wobble

Happy Thanksgiving All!
Today was a day of surprises...and I'm thankful for that.
We were to have a quiet home day (and I thought I might pack a box or six) alas instead W and I went on a date which included the Disney Store and 2 sets of family tshirts. One Mickey set...."Mom, I'm not a fan of Mickey Mouse." Well, we're going to Disney dude, so jump on board!"
And a Jack Skeleton/Nightmare Before Christmas set.
The Momma's Jack Shirt.

Boys' Jack.

Daddy's Jack.

Upon arriving home, I found we had a last minute, lovely invitation to Thanksgiving dinner at some earth-acquired grandparents. Wonderful! Good friends, good good, the kids all played so well and had hours of outside time and the adults were able to visit and laugh.

Thankful, thankful!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thanksgiving Recipe...or two

The leaves have fallen, we've even had a touch of snow, so Canadian Thanksgiving must be here.

Our weekend consisted of Brad's parents joining us, meeting at the acreage with the seller and a whole lotta food.

The usual roasted turkey was followed by Gram's garden mashed potatoes, oven roasted broccoli, sweet potatoes, pesto spinach salad, stuffing and pumpkin cheesecake.

Pumpkin Pie?
I'll pass.

Cheesecake? Mmmm....straight to my assets!:0

What's your favorite thanksgiving dish? Do you ever change it up or always serve traditional?
Click the links below and you'll find two of my fav recipes.

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Roasted Broccoli

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First Days

School has arrived. After many sleepless nights and negotiations and back & forth decisions, we eventually decided upon a private school for W that specializes in teaching children with "special needs". All kinds of needs.
I shed many tears and doubted our decision right up until day 1. Then I let out a huge sigh of relief and maybe an inner cheer!
W is so happy there! HAPPY!!!
Scared on the first day.

He's a different kid.. He sings, he tells people school is awesome, he is nice to his brother, he does NOT want me to volunteer (& last yr he wanted me there all the time!!), he has been placed in advanced math and reading (ummm....grade 5 literacy. Freaks me out!) We have our W back.
The teacher "gets" him!

Little man number 2, R, finally began Kindergarten today!
After a school turned us away ( maybe because they couldn't handle a fifth child with SN in the class of 19????) Then our district school didn't want him to start yet because we do not move until Oct 23.
But low & behold!
RDL hired an EA for my boy and he started today and he too was HAPPY!!!!
That is what I call First Days' S-U-C-C-E-S-S.
First Day of Kinder!
First missing tooth!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Stress Your Style

These past two weeks have been incredibly stressful for a multitude of reasons.

We listed and sold our house in three days with an Oct 31 possession date. Does that give you a hint as to why I'm feeling stressed?

Not to forget that both boys switched schools. Ws new school has turned out to be a fantastic fit. Wuhoo!!!

But Rs school.....well, I cancelled one, one turned us away, and the third....after several meetings....just hired an EA and now he starts on Tuesday!!!

So, as evening draws in, my sweet happy boys are side by side watching Astro Boy (I hate Astro Boy) and I am enjoying a glass of wine on the deck.

Much needed Vino!

Of course, I have been eating my way through bags of popcorn, and everything else I can find and should not be eating. God help me keep these those lost 30 lbs at bay!

Stress eating? Yup!

I wish I was one of those people that exercised or journalled or cleaned or bathed excessively or something!!!!

What about you? What are your stress handling share! I need all the ideas I can get.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Inked Schminked

If I was a brave gal, a fearless gal, a go-for-it kind of gal, I would have tattoos.....

That look something akin to these.

Except my "hope" would have TSC and ADHD ribbons.

Those cute red shoes? Well they would be placed behind my ear cause if you know me, you know I am Red shoe girl.

But these are all just big- girl fantasies, brave girl dreams......neither of which I am!

Date Day

The boys love to have "dates" with their parents. Especially W. One to one time together is priceless.
W has been "begging" for a date with me so today I finally made it happen and R was just as happy to play at Auntie's for the afternoon. Which turned out even better than expected as a little buddy just happened to be visiting too. Super!

So, off Wand I went to a cheap matinee. His happy little heart smiling away as he slipped his hand in mine and chatted up a storm while we waited through the previews. Sitting together, talking loudly as there were only two other people in the theatre, and W holding the popcorn complete with napkins spread over the top so that I could NOT eat any until the movie really started.


I too love spending time with the boys, just the two of us. It's rare these days. Since it's usually the three of us on the go. Organizing a sitter or using "Play Care" or imposing on Auntie.....well, that takes even more effort and potentially money too. But it is so WORTH IT!!!  I need to remember this.

It's worth the umprompted I Love You's and soft kisses on my cheek, and home made lego necklace, and the "I like you Mom. Even when you're mad" s.

Worth it, worth it, worth it!!!

Maybe every Wednesday could be Date Day for W & I, since he's off school at noon on Wed's. Just a thought.....

....and right now, R gets me alone everyday for most of the day, so he's laughing!

Monday, September 17, 2012


Crazy days....busy days with school
back in session. For W anyway.

R is on hiatus from school....for a couple of long winded reasons that deserve their own post.

So Sir R and I are spending a lot of one to one time together these days.

And oh! I so love it!

I feel like I've missed out on this with R because our time has always been so scheduled....with pick ups, drop offs, therapies, school, Drs, etc etc etc. So this business of "just hangin'" is lovely.


It makes me want to slow time down before he starts kindergarten. I'm not ready to let him go. I do not want to share him. I want to savor every moment with this sweet, funny little boy who still wants to hold my hand, sit on my knee, kiss me and begs me to chase him as the tickle monster.

These September days with my wee man are precious.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Month in Pics

Well Hello Neighbor.
Don't chase the kids or dog ok?
Angry Bird gone bad. Rhett's AB arm painting managed to get rubbed all over his face. Too funny! Too cute!
Forgot to serve Bup dinner, so its Mac N Cheese and ice cream. 
River evenings to escape the heat...and enjoy the last month of summer.
Super star Cardiology appt. See you in two years Rhett!
Sir Warner is 7yrs. Happy to be 7 but not happy about a pic!
Ride 'em Cowboy!
Birthday fun at Heritage Park.
First day of school. Scary.
Stampede time.
Happy Cowboy.
A little hike.
River nights.
Pool boys.
Lovin' the log ride.
Cruisin in the Golf Cart.
W learns to skate. Check out Mr. in the navy pants.
Scarf love.
Lego popcorn anyone?
Puppy love.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Friday, August 10, 2012

Easy Peasy Cardio Day!

The shade from the playgrounds one little tree is a welcome blessing as the boys enjoy playground time at our children's hospital.

A sneaky game of Spies is taking place and I am revelling in the ease of a tear free Cardiology appointment. Our first ever!

Bup was a star during the Echo & ultrasound. Calm, agreeable and happy!!

The experience for W was beneficial as well. A little compassion for his brother, family involvement and even earned a paper airplane as well!

Even though there were moments when Bup was wiggly because his brother was tickling him, staff were still able to tell me that the rhabdomyomas have not changed.