Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Date Day

The boys love to have "dates" with their parents. Especially W. One to one time together is priceless.
W has been "begging" for a date with me so today I finally made it happen and R was just as happy to play at Auntie's for the afternoon. Which turned out even better than expected as a little buddy just happened to be visiting too. Super!

So, off Wand I went to a cheap matinee. His happy little heart smiling away as he slipped his hand in mine and chatted up a storm while we waited through the previews. Sitting together, talking loudly as there were only two other people in the theatre, and W holding the popcorn complete with napkins spread over the top so that I could NOT eat any until the movie really started.


I too love spending time with the boys, just the two of us. It's rare these days. Since it's usually the three of us on the go. Organizing a sitter or using "Play Care" or imposing on Auntie.....well, that takes even more effort and potentially money too. But it is so WORTH IT!!!  I need to remember this.

It's worth the umprompted I Love You's and soft kisses on my cheek, and home made lego necklace, and the "I like you Mom. Even when you're mad" s.

Worth it, worth it, worth it!!!

Maybe every Wednesday could be Date Day for W & I, since he's off school at noon on Wed's. Just a thought.....

....and right now, R gets me alone everyday for most of the day, so he's laughing!

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  1. W would never want to come to the movies with us....we eat almost all of our popcorn before the movie even starts!! Glad you had fun. Hope you can make it happen often.