Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Say a Little Prayer

Photo source: Lanier Landing
This dimpled cutie has just come through one of the most strenuous weeks of his precious life. Our interblogging friend, Miss Southern Steph, has the cutest son who happens to be a TSC Champion too. Little Oliver just came through grids and neuro surgery to eliminate the seizure monsters.
Photo source: Lanier Landing
Now the healing begins. Pain control, snuggles, neuro pysch testing, incisions, iv's, meds, CT scans, keeping an active toddler preoccupied and safely busy, and hopefully no seizures!

Say a little prayer won't you? Keep them in your thoughts? It's a difficult time and every kind thought however fleeting is heard and affects the heart.

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Family of Friends....

I should have taken pictures...and kick myself for not doing so. Especially of B making pancakes with a set of tiny blonde 4 yr old girlies, on a stool, in an apron, seriously intent on making the best Elmo pancakes ever.

On Friday night we had the pleasure of hosting a long-time friend and her little troop. Now bear with me while I explain...it's an intertwined group...and they are dear friends...a chosen family of friends.

Miss T and I grew up in the same small rural village and her older brother (Mr.T) and I were in the same class therefore I was very good friends with both of them and roommates too at different times.
Graduation with Trenty and our small, fun, class. Can you pick me out? Bet not!:)

Miss T her two sons, two nephews (Mr. T's sons) and two nieces joined our little family of 4 for an overnight visit. So, here we were;
8 kids - ages 4 (including 3 4yr olds)-13
2 dogs
3 adults

It was great! The kiddos got along well with very limited disagreements and it was quiet. Q-U-I-E-T! Lego does wonders to entertain boys and the girlies were easy to please as well. Dispite the quiet and happy little troop, my favorite husband made a break for it and hit the theatre by his lonesome. Smart guy! Having a full household is a bit of an adjustment after spending a month in the "bush". He handled all the hoopla better than I would have! Happy and totally included the little girls in his breakfast making. Super B!

Now, the additional point that made this visit so special is that Trenty , Mr.T, has left us....almost 2 yrs ago now. To have a little bit of him here, in his children, his sister and his niece was a blessing. A treat. Warmed my heart.

And brought missing my old friend to the forefront again...which is good as this is how those who leave us are not forgotten. I am so grateful to have spent a little time with his boys, sister and nephews and niece. Time well spent and treasured too.

Thanks Miss T, for including us in your whirlwind, cross province tour!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Post Neuro Surge Appt

One week ago today....okay, okay, I am a super-slow poster these days for two main reasons namely tech troubles and motivation....ANYWAY....
Bup had his post surge follow up with Dr.H and it was super! He's really happy with R's progression and healing. Wuhoo!
The two marked changes in Bup are activity level (ie: very busy! climbing everything) and he's friendly! Before surgery he would kind of hiss/growl at people if he didn't want to talk (often) or he would just hide in my leg, arms, etc. Now? Now he is super chatty, super friendly and even touchy!
Witnessing him standing with his arm around Dr.H's neck and chatting away was a milestone in itself.
So, now we do not see Dr. H again until the yr anniversary.
However, Sept will bring an EEG and CAT scan with the neurologist and so far October is only Vision Clinic. Wuhoo!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dissolving Stitches & Fighting Brothers

Tomorrow is Bup's neuro-surge follow up appointment.
Today, his stitches started to dissolve.
I was getting worried about the stitches as it's been a long time already. Visions of forcing them out where about to wreak havoc on my mind.
Plus, yesterday, Bup asked,
"Can we go to the hosdible but no doctor cut open my head?"
Some things a child should never have to request. Poor mite. And isn't he just in luck as we are going tomorrow!
On a sibling note, I am completely at a parental loss. W has decided that he does not like Bup in any way, shape or form. He is so disrespectful and impatient towards R. Bup can do nothing right....like even breathe. Today it came to fisticuffs over rice pudding. Of course, R does not defend himself and just cries.
To give you an idea of the extent of W's feelings, on more than one occasion in the past 10 days, he has begged me...BEGGED...to have R given away, to go live somewhere else...."you shouldn't have asked for two boys because I never wanted a brother." Crying as he tells me how much he wants Bup to leave forever.
Any ideas? I'm feeling completely inept here.
To give W time with me, I let him stay up 30min later than R, W is enrolled in lego camp to give him time away and he LOVES lego, R is now not allowed in W's room unless invited and vice versa, I offer privledges if he is able to be kind for 1 hr (he's not made it yet) and I take privledges away when he is especially rude or uses force instead of words.
I am stumped.

Monday, August 8, 2011

It's Been Awhile....

All is well on the RWB front.
Bup is healing....
W is enjoying summer....
and B & Me are parenting, working (B), and just going along.
One day soon, I'll post and update....just hasn't been on my radar lately.
Until then...hope there is sunshine in your summer days!