Friday, August 26, 2011

Post Neuro Surge Appt

One week ago today....okay, okay, I am a super-slow poster these days for two main reasons namely tech troubles and motivation....ANYWAY....
Bup had his post surge follow up with Dr.H and it was super! He's really happy with R's progression and healing. Wuhoo!
The two marked changes in Bup are activity level (ie: very busy! climbing everything) and he's friendly! Before surgery he would kind of hiss/growl at people if he didn't want to talk (often) or he would just hide in my leg, arms, etc. Now? Now he is super chatty, super friendly and even touchy!
Witnessing him standing with his arm around Dr.H's neck and chatting away was a milestone in itself.
So, now we do not see Dr. H again until the yr anniversary.
However, Sept will bring an EEG and CAT scan with the neurologist and so far October is only Vision Clinic. Wuhoo!

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