Monday, August 29, 2011

A Family of Friends....

I should have taken pictures...and kick myself for not doing so. Especially of B making pancakes with a set of tiny blonde 4 yr old girlies, on a stool, in an apron, seriously intent on making the best Elmo pancakes ever.

On Friday night we had the pleasure of hosting a long-time friend and her little troop. Now bear with me while I's an intertwined group...and they are dear friends...a chosen family of friends.

Miss T and I grew up in the same small rural village and her older brother (Mr.T) and I were in the same class therefore I was very good friends with both of them and roommates too at different times.
Graduation with Trenty and our small, fun, class. Can you pick me out? Bet not!:)

Miss T her two sons, two nephews (Mr. T's sons) and two nieces joined our little family of 4 for an overnight visit. So, here we were;
8 kids - ages 4 (including 3 4yr olds)-13
2 dogs
3 adults

It was great! The kiddos got along well with very limited disagreements and it was quiet. Q-U-I-E-T! Lego does wonders to entertain boys and the girlies were easy to please as well. Dispite the quiet and happy little troop, my favorite husband made a break for it and hit the theatre by his lonesome. Smart guy! Having a full household is a bit of an adjustment after spending a month in the "bush". He handled all the hoopla better than I would have! Happy and totally included the little girls in his breakfast making. Super B!

Now, the additional point that made this visit so special is that Trenty , Mr.T, has left us....almost 2 yrs ago now. To have a little bit of him here, in his children, his sister and his niece was a blessing. A treat. Warmed my heart.

And brought missing my old friend to the forefront again...which is good as this is how those who leave us are not forgotten. I am so grateful to have spent a little time with his boys, sister and nephews and niece. Time well spent and treasured too.

Thanks Miss T, for including us in your whirlwind, cross province tour!

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