Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sundance Lodges...a pictorial review

Sundance Lodges...Tipi Campout

Through the Highwood Pass.

Bankhead...coal mining is hard work.

Brothers & friends....for the moment.

Ready for bed in our tipi.

Stinkers...goofing around in the forest.

Me...goofing with the camera...

R...our little climber...

Race ya!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Retro Dining

Recently our dining area in our tiny eat in kitchen has gone to the retro 50's side of things as the oak pedestal table is now hibernating in the rafters of the garage. Since that table needs a little work and the boys are not gentle, we decided to inherit my grandmothers kitchen table & chairs.
(Picture this with a yellow top and the chairs are white with large antique gold flowers...and that's ours!)
I'm not in love with it, but our space is small as is this set and it was Grouchy Grandma's so it has memories of grapefruit juice, banana muffins, salmon sandwiches, mayo and Grandma D.

The chairs are in the process of being recovered in red vinyl... which is way more work than I thought. These chairs have never been recovered in all their many era'd life and it's a process to remove the staples. All 50,000 per chair! (not really...but you know!) Whoa!

Searching on line for a similar set showed prices of $845 and up!! Cahrazzzee! Thank goodness this little set is a family hand me down. Thank you Grandma!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blue Thursday

It shouldn't be different this time, but it is. My heart is heavy and I just want to go to bed....for about three weeks! A good cry might help too.

B the D is on the road this morning. Heading to northern BC for another hitch. I'm hoping he'll be home in three weeks....but there's no guarantee.

For some morbid reason my instinct tells me it'll be September before his cute little bald head graces the pillow beside mine again.
('s not snowing there now! Summer reaches northern Canada too!;) This was taken in the winter.)
Yesterday, after he received the call of the rig, I became so grouchy (and blue). That's what tells me it's really sadness in when I'm super grouchy. Then last night, while trying to fall asleep, I kept thinking,
"What are you doing leaving me with a child who has just had BRAIN SURGERY and W with all his W-Ness!!"
"I'm not qualified for this!"

It's crazy really. In all reality, life is easier now. The resection is behind us and W is W as always, but I'm scared. Scared and sad. So is blue. Tomorrow will be better. After a good night's sleep and maybe that good cry. The sun will come out, right?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stop Planning & Start Doing...

Oh, I have ideas roaming through my head. "Plans" of what I would like to do...any topic will do...lately it's been home projects. Blogs, magazines and now Pinterest are all sources of inspiration.

Truthfully, they do not help me. They tease me! Taunt me! Create even more ideas and ideas...but then the action evades me!
(source: Pinterest)
I am not a woman of action.
I am a woman of ideas. Of Plans!

Here are some of my plans...dreams....

(source: Pinterest)
Currently my grandmother's Cathedral Windows quilt is hanging on the wall up the staircase. I love, love, luhhhove that quilt...but it just doesn't look right on the wall. This may be a fresh change. Would white frames and lettering me better with our white cabinets, railings, etc? Hmmm.....not sure. I like the black too.

This is lovely too. Mirrors and such...or....

(source: Pinterest)

Or maybe a display like this up the stairs? Not yellow
though....which is super pretty, but our house has no yellow in it. Or maybe yellow, red and t
urquoise? Or different shades of white? Uh, yes, there are different shades of white!

People with track lighting are either artists or gay. Do you know where th
at quote is from? Think '80s. That's right! Steele of my all time favorite movies. We have track lighting (and I am neither) and it sucks. Track lighting is so shadowy...and it is constantly needing new bulbs or the connection loses contact and needs to be replaced. Aarggh!
Maybe I should make this? For the kitchen?

Now, wouldn't this door be just sweet on a pantry! I would love to replace our current door which is just a plain old door, but it's an odd size. I've checked into it. So, the victorian door would need to be a special order. Which means...expensive, and that's not an option here.

Our fireplace would look simple dashing with these style of built ins! Know any carpenters who would love to build this for me? Me either.'s a long post about plans, dreams and no action and that's what's shakin' at the Dairy Queen Honey!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Hidden Trauma of Surgery

It's been 3 weeks since Bup's brain surgery.

Three weeks!!!

Those stressful days seem like a lifetime ago...already. I am so glad they are behind us...behind R...becoming a memory. However, that is the problem. The memories.

Bup has rarely slept through the night since coming home from the hospital and often ends up in our bed as a very sad, very loud, very scared little heartbroken mess. We have tried asking what's wrong....did you have a bad dream....what was it about and in the middle of the from-his-toes-sobbing he cannot tell us the root....other than "I'm sad!"
These episodes started upon our return home. Is this hospital related? How much does one hear and remember when they are under anesthetic?
I don't know.
How much does a child of 4yrs absorb, in their own little way, when doctors, nurses and parents are talking over him, around him and about him?
More than I know.

It became crystal clear this afternoon while my cuddly little fellow and I were napping together. I woke up to hear Bup saying in a frightened but firm voice, " Tell the doctors please don't touch me. Tell them. Please don't touch me." Then he snuggled a bit closer and remained asleep.

Hospital "sleep overs", surgery, examinations, MRIs, CT scans, Cardiology appts, lab all adds up, doesn't it? How do we minimize the emotional impact this Temporal Lobe Resection has had on R? He appears to be doing so well! Happy go lucky, ready to roll 4yr old. Until sleep sets in and then it's terrifying for him. Heartbreaking for us. We have been so focused on the recovery and rejoicing in having our regular Bup about, that it is easy to stash the trauma away. It keeps rearing it's ugly head though.

May tonight bring a sleep of sweet dreams, dreams that every little one should have, dreams of sunshine and playgrounds and parents and playing light sabers with "my boy W"....not fear of Doctors.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Generic vs. Brand Name Meds

Today in the Pediatrician's office, there was a poster which caught my eye and brought on two discussions with the nurses and physician about prescription meds.

You probably already know this....and I did too...but it's a good reminder. If this is new information for you then wuhoo!! I actually shared something valuable today!


When/if you purchase prescription meds, do you choose generic? Is this what your drug plan/benefits coverage suggests?

Generic prescriptions should really be given a second thought if not avoided. I advoid them. Especially for R's seizure meds.

Health Canada's idea as to drug accuracy is quite poor. The range of accuracy is between 80% and 125% on Generic Med effectiveness. That is considered acceptable! A very broad range, don't you agree? Plus, retesting is not done.

So, using Generic Meds could result in being under-
medicated or over-medicated. Scary huh?
Next, Pharmacies are often "suggesting"...sometimes strongly....for us to use Generic Meds and they convince us to do so by explaining as it is to our benefit from a cost perspective. Cheaper. Who doesn't want to save money?

Who doesn't want to make money? Pharmacies surely do. They receive money....kickbacks if you will....from the pharmaceutical companies who sell Generic meds. Interesting? I certainly think so.

My point to all this rambling....this soapbox be informed. All is not as it seems at face value.

It's Brand Name meds for Bup! They barely keep the "wiggly hand seizures" at bay as it is and I don't want to risk the inaccuracy of Generic meds even for a few dollars.

Again....I'm only writing to inform and share information....that's all. We have the right to make informed choices.

By the way, we doctored all day today and I am officially exhausted! What else is new, you ask? You're right....that's oooooold news. The boys were troopers during the appointments....patient and happy. Those days are lovely! Sweet, I say! And my tiredness may have affected my rambling...cause a little verbal diarrhea. So on that note, I shall sign off.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Day Trippers

It truly was planes, trains and automobiles for us today as we cruised in the car to a little town for an afternoon at their Garden Train Museum and then over to the Air Museum. Of course, there was lunch and a stop at the super playground until the rain drops began.

The boys loved it! Riding the Steamin' Demon, pretending in the WWII bombers, and hanging from the monkey bars. What little boy could ask for more?
And I? Well, I got to spend an afternoon with my family as well as relax on a bench in the sunshine/clouds while reading a funny book...and once or twice leaning on my husband's shoulder. What little girl could ask for more?

I had to chuckle at the Air Museum as the boys went on a tour of the Lancaster which required wearing hard hats. At the end, Bup told me that he doesn't like hard hats as they hurt his head and then he turned to the very sweet, very serious teen boy to inform him that "I have stitches on my head!" ~ Yes, Buppy, you sure do.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Family Date~Heritage Park

While 400, 000 locals and visitors were basking in the sun and crowds to get a glimpse of the Royal couple at the Stampede Parade, we avoided the hoopla to enjoy the morning at our living history museum.

Can you give me a Yeeeehaaawww?!

Oh how great a back scratch feels!

Bup & B-the-D about to depart on the steam train.

Brothers watching as the SSMoyer leaves the dock.

Dudes. So cool.

Sir W with cute freckles on his little nose.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Gawk Factor

Now that Bup has a concentration camp hair style, he is experiencing the "Gawk Factor". We haven't taken him out too much as we want him to have regular naps right now for healing purposes, but opportunity does still arise....for both outings and looky-looking.

Even in the hospital....the ONE place an ill or special needs child should be free of questions, comments and open mouthed stares... Bup had people down right staring at him. One fellow, as R & I were strolling along with his friends the IV pole and wheelchair, queried in a shocked voice, "What happened to him?!"

There was a group of senior ladies who kept looking and looking and just wanted to ask but didn't...thank you! They did comment on what a nice little boy he is and B the D explained about surgery.

And today...a neighbor...I could just see it in her face as she kept LOOOOOOOKING at Bup. So, once he was around the corner, I opened the door by saying, "It looks awful, doesn't it?"

I think that will be my standard line. "It looks awful, doesn't it?" This gets the questions out of the way, and may diminish the awkward stares and silence.

What would you do?

Saturday, July 2, 2011

This Face...

I miss this face.
I haven't seen this boy in a week!

(Zombie self portrait by W)

He's been having the time of his life camping with chosen-family which I am eternally grateful for. Let me tell you, W is not going to enjoy life at home where play has to be safe and there is no lake, wildlife park, forest, waterslides, etc, etc. But I'll take that disappointed, readjusting boy and hug and tickle him until he will have no more of it.
I am so looking forward to seeing him tomorrow!!

Homeward Bound

(Watching TV in bed. )

Farewell Unit 3!
Farewell IV pumps beeping every 5 minutes...
Farewell O2 & BP monitor that kept freaking out everytime Bup moved his foot.....
Farewell new Nurses every shift....
farewell crummy hospital food.....
Farewell other sad little ones crying....I wished I could have taken you in our room to cuddle & comfort....even told the nurses so.....
Farewell vitals checks every 2 hrs day or night.....

Oh we are looking forward to getting home tonight! Rhett is napping as I write this otherwise we would be on hitting the road, Jack!

Really, this whole scenario blows my mind and there is so much to process yet. To think that R had two parts of his brain removed on Tuesday and is well enough to go home 4 days later. Does that not flip your gippy?! It does mine!!

Later I will post more about the details of the surgery and what it all means. Until then I will leave you with a funny story.

Yesterday, R was innocent to the ins & outs of rectal suppositories. Unfortunately, he needed one. Annnnd....because he HATES hospital staff touching him in any, way, shape or form I was not about to further terrorize him by having a nurse deliver the "silver bullet".

I tried everything to encourage his plumbing to work on it's own, but it just wouldn't. So
after explaining to 4yr old terms...what was about to happen, he lay patiently on his bed with his little bare bottom exposed and giggle and wriggled everytime I touched him.
"That tickles Mommmy!"
Finally, my part of the job was over. Bullet fired.

Fast forward a few hours when B the Dad arrived. He and R were chatting about R's day. I assumed R would tell him about going outside in the wheelchair or getting his bandages off. Oh no...out comes this.....

"Mommy put medicine lotion on my bum. It was such a surprise!!"

Bahahahaha!!! We all burst with laughter at that! I bet it was a "surprise"!

(Ice cream treat with friends, after having the forehead stitches removed...and telling the nurses they are "STUPID! You hurt me!")