Friday, July 22, 2011

Retro Dining

Recently our dining area in our tiny eat in kitchen has gone to the retro 50's side of things as the oak pedestal table is now hibernating in the rafters of the garage. Since that table needs a little work and the boys are not gentle, we decided to inherit my grandmothers kitchen table & chairs.
(Picture this with a yellow top and the chairs are white with large antique gold flowers...and that's ours!)
I'm not in love with it, but our space is small as is this set and it was Grouchy Grandma's so it has memories of grapefruit juice, banana muffins, salmon sandwiches, mayo and Grandma D.

The chairs are in the process of being recovered in red vinyl... which is way more work than I thought. These chairs have never been recovered in all their many era'd life and it's a process to remove the staples. All 50,000 per chair! (not really...but you know!) Whoa!

Searching on line for a similar set showed prices of $845 and up!! Cahrazzzee! Thank goodness this little set is a family hand me down. Thank you Grandma!


  1. Oh I would so love a retro set like that in my house...we have a little bit of everything going on here......even the wooden table with the retro chairs!! Well done!

  2. Thanks Mrs. Barbershop! If/when the time comes...I'll bequeath it to you!