Saturday, July 2, 2011

Homeward Bound

(Watching TV in bed. )

Farewell Unit 3!
Farewell IV pumps beeping every 5 minutes...
Farewell O2 & BP monitor that kept freaking out everytime Bup moved his foot.....
Farewell new Nurses every shift....
farewell crummy hospital food.....
Farewell other sad little ones crying....I wished I could have taken you in our room to cuddle & comfort....even told the nurses so.....
Farewell vitals checks every 2 hrs day or night.....

Oh we are looking forward to getting home tonight! Rhett is napping as I write this otherwise we would be on hitting the road, Jack!

Really, this whole scenario blows my mind and there is so much to process yet. To think that R had two parts of his brain removed on Tuesday and is well enough to go home 4 days later. Does that not flip your gippy?! It does mine!!

Later I will post more about the details of the surgery and what it all means. Until then I will leave you with a funny story.

Yesterday, R was innocent to the ins & outs of rectal suppositories. Unfortunately, he needed one. Annnnd....because he HATES hospital staff touching him in any, way, shape or form I was not about to further terrorize him by having a nurse deliver the "silver bullet".

I tried everything to encourage his plumbing to work on it's own, but it just wouldn't. So
after explaining to 4yr old terms...what was about to happen, he lay patiently on his bed with his little bare bottom exposed and giggle and wriggled everytime I touched him.
"That tickles Mommmy!"
Finally, my part of the job was over. Bullet fired.

Fast forward a few hours when B the Dad arrived. He and R were chatting about R's day. I assumed R would tell him about going outside in the wheelchair or getting his bandages off. Oh no...out comes this.....

"Mommy put medicine lotion on my bum. It was such a surprise!!"

Bahahahaha!!! We all burst with laughter at that! I bet it was a "surprise"!

(Ice cream treat with friends, after having the forehead stitches removed...and telling the nurses they are "STUPID! You hurt me!")



    Toby's hanging over my shoulder saying how cute he is with his arms all manly behind his head kicking back watchin' the tube!


  2. Awww! Thanks Toby & Danielle! It's hilarious how he does that...with his arms behind his he did during his cardiology appt too. Cracks me up!