Thursday, June 30, 2011

Temporal Lobe Resection

It's day 2.
The last few days have been so emotional. We have cried so many tears.
I have never been so happy to hear a little boy say my name.

On Tuesday morning Bup went into surgery to have his right temporal lobe and hypocampus removed due to TSC tubers/tumors and their affect of seizures....that were not responding to meds. (Trileptal and Topomax)

5 hrs later, our little guy, was in recovery and we were still waiting to see him. Meeting him in PICU was the epitome of bittersweet. I cried and cried and could not talk to the doctors. I just wanted to crawl under all those wires and lines and hold him. Thank goodness my sweet husband was there as he had all the wits that escaped me!

We seem to tag team on that. When one of us is super emotional the other is calm and has it all together. Then later for whatever reason, the roles reverse. Thank heavens!

Bup is a star! Within hours of surgery, with eyes still closed, one swollen shut, he is eating popsicles, drinking apple juice and quietly telling his auntie that she cannot eat his popsicle!

His first night in PICU, he woke up and requested to watch Dora!
This kid is amazing!!!

Today the pain meds have been decreased dramatically and tomorrow we are hoping to take the bandages off....scary! Move his lines so that he can have a bath and get out of bed a little bit.

It's been a crazy two days. I cannot believe we are here. In some ways it is so surreal. In other ways it feels like it's been forever, not 2 days. In fact Rhett asked if this is our home. Poor buddy.

Right this very moment....we are all calm and okay. But that is subject to the weather here in Calgary....every 5 minutes!


  1. Oh Honey...

    Somehow my computer glitched and I didn't get your updates! I am SO SO SO sorry! Know that you haven't been far from my thoughts and prayers...even when I miss updates or Life gets wicked busy.

    I'm SO happy to hear how well things went. I'll never forget Trevy reaching for me after his first surgery...the way my heart leapt! So Bup knowing your name...asking for Dora. HUGE! And I know it!




  2. What a little trooper! I am sending you positive vibes for your little guy to have a speedy recovery and for you guys to continue to have strength through it all.


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