Monday, June 27, 2011

Surgery Eve

It's after midnight here. B and I are still awake.
R is sleeping peacefully in his cozy little bottom bunk.
W is sleeping peacefully in this cozy little bottom bunk, camping in BC with dear friends; chosen family.

It's the eve of neurosurgery to removed R's right side Temporal Lobe. Definitely not the same kind of eve has we sit up late and organize ourselves for Santa's arrival.

This is much more stressful. No presents to wrap.

This is a night of trying to ignore what tomorrow will bring. Wishing we could sleep tomorrow away. Praying R will come out on the healing side. Stronger, chattier, with this amazing memory and no TL Seizures.

Pray with us won't you?
We need every line to the big guy upstairs that we can get.
Thank you.

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