Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Medication Station

Oh the clutter of meds! It's enough to drive one around the bend.
I know my friend, Trevy's mommy, agrees.
It's inevitable in homes like ours though.
Bup is on a little seizure cocktail of Trileptal and Topamax and Vitamin B6...when I give it to him.
W on the other hand has a plethora of homeopathic remedies such as Grips, Engystol, a detox kit from Heele, Euphorbium, etc, etc.

I've tried containing these in a basket in the cupboard, but that cupboard runneth over and that maketh me mad! It's annoying to open a door and have things fall out. It's annoying to take one out and others fall too. It's simply annoying.

Plus they often don't seem to make it back into the cupboard/basket and sit on the counter as they are used several times a day.

So, one day while junking/antiquing/thrift browsing, I found a vintage-ish bread box. I love it! Originally I bought with the idea of turning it into a media station for phones, IPODS, etc cause I hate them on the counter too. But the meds were more pressing, so here it is housing all our daily meds.
Notice the Tranquil Motherhood book...a gift from my MIL who knows I need tranquil moments....and the sign above the med box about a vodka valium latte?! No further explanation needed.

What's your remedy? Do you chart whether meds have been given? Or do you go by memory and trust that you're the main med-giver so all is taken care of?

Would love to hear your ideas/solutions!

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  1. I have none. I can't keep up with vitamins. But your box looks smashing!