Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Warrior Brothers

Okay, I'm one of THOSE moms who does not want her children playing with toy guns, pretending to fight, war, etc. TV viewing has been monitored...toys declined.

I have found it is inevitable.

They do it regardless of whether they have the weapons or not. Hockey sticks become shotguns. Trio blocks and lego build guns, missiles, and lazer beams.

Recently, I have given in .... a little. There are now light sabers and nerf swords in our house. They're fantasy right? So somewhat better than guns, but now there are two nerf guns as well....with rules. Am I justifying...maybe. No shooting each other, artwork, or parents.

Last week, the neighbor children engaged in a nerf war in the back alley and side street. W joined in and was THRILLED. I let him. Happily. I sat on the garbage box in the back alley while R rode his Hot Wheels bike and watched. It pleased me to see my son included and so, so so happy.

Am I crazy? Maybe.
Hypocritical...maybe that too.

But when you see the joy of a child who is included and making friends and the hilarity in one naked warrior brother, it's hard to resist.
There is no easy answer in this subject. I've discussed it with my sister and our psychologist many times...both tell me to let it go, set parameters and let my boys be one of the boys.
So, sometimes my boys are one of the boys and other times they have the crazy mother who blocks You Tube and YTV and keeps nerf guns on top of the fridge where they are handed out at a mother's discretion. Does it matter? Only time will tell....

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