Friday, June 10, 2011

Hello Weekend....

Are you ready for the weekend?
Me too!

It has started off fabulously with a sleep in until 7amish by the kiddos and a lovely visit from an out of town friend. We hosted four little boys between the ages of 9yrs & 4yrs. It was SUPER!
There was NO fighting. NO refereeing. Just happy boys playing hide and seek.

Hide and Seek...R is not much of a hider. My friend and I watched him crouch behind a chair, still and quiet as can be....but the chair was open to the room and everyone could see him. It still makes me smile!

As I write this, I am on the couch with a diet coke, one boy quietly playing lego, one in school and one sleeping. There is an extra in our midst today and it actually makes things easier.

We have NO plans this weekend other than a birthday party tonight and I'm loving

Cause guess what's on this weekend? And I think I may just check it out...a nice stroll in the morning sunshine....

Millarville Market! It's that time of year. There's something soothing about strolling outside for vegetables, flowers, etc. Including the drive towards the foothills of our striking Rockies.
(Source: Millarville Ag Society website)

Next, is the much anticipated Vintage Chicks Sale & Show. I love me a little antiques and vintage style. These fun canisters are nestled on our kitchen counter now and the sweet owner of Wow & Then, who is one of the Vintage Chicks, delivered these to me in person. We met in a DQ parking was quite a shady deal! :)

(Source Wow & Then)

What plans are on your calendar this first weekend in June? Camping? Biking? Gardening? Sleep? Whatever it is, may it be peaceful and fun.

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