Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kindergarten Field Trip

Today I joined 8 rambunctious 5-6 yr olds at Kayben Farms. What a super place!
We petted lambs named Molly, cows named Daisy, fed horses, laughed at ducks waddling together, jumped on these massive pillow trampoline things, rode on gunny sacks down huge slides, rode pedal powered go-carts, ate, snacked, played and played.
All in the sunshine! Hal-A-lujah!!
There are already plans in my mind of returning with R and B in tow for a farm friendly family outing.

My heart swelled when W held hands with and comforted a little girl who was scared of the big slide. He also told her, "Remember N...I'm going to marry you?" as he stroked beneath her chin.
Ahhh....young, sweet love.

Watching these little ones together today...the boys vying to stay together, walking four in a row and all holding hands....my heart sunk a little knowing that in 8 days these friends will be separated as they all go their individual ways for summer and then grade 1 in the fall. *sigh* Especially, when all of these kiddos do not handle change well. I wish they could continue their school careers together. A strong little band of friends...supporting each other.
After a sunny day filled with mosquitoes, fun, laughter, animals and mud, it was time to return to school where every child and adult was happily depleted and tired.

Tonight, W didn't even make it through three songs at bed time. Ya gotta love utter exhaustion!

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