Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pre-Surgery Steps

The days until R's surgery are becoming fewer and fewer. 15 days left.
15 days to accomplish a growing list. Personal and medical. On the medical side there is....
  • Directed Donation - I am a blood donor match! Yay! So...I will be donating blood for R's use in case he is in need of a transfusion. Which means, for me, that I must really take care of myself between now and then. Take Vitamin C, drink copious amounts of water, ELIMINATE CAFFEINE as caffeine robs your blood of hemoglobin and if my hemoglobin is low (125 minimum) donation wouldn't be an option. My BP must also be in the normal range: note to self....lots of yoga, sleep, water, vitamin C, & laughter! Book donation appointment. Childcare for boys on this day. Do not faint Mrs. M! ~ In the past, I have been such a fainter when it comes to drawing blood as I'm wimpy and it comes out of my hand as my veins are so deep and little. Oh well! I'll warn the staff and take my time standing up.

(Source: Canadian Blood Services)
  • Cardiology - R is having a Cardi work up on the 21st. Echocardiogram and ultrasound. He comments that he is out of breath when playing hard...running around...etc and he does have those pesky tiny rhabdomyomas between the chambers in his heart's time to check them out again.

  • MRI & Interictal Spect - on the 22nd R will be anesthetized to undergo a MRI of the brain and Interictal Spect. These are needed to determine further information about the tubers which are bilaterally located throughout R's brain. This will give the Docs much needed information about placement and size of tubers as well as the pathways between the brain. How is the Spect different from the MRI? Well, I'm no neurologist, but from what little I have learned, the Interictal SPECT is conducted when R is NOT seizing & is used to pinpoint or localize the area of seizures for pre-surgery planning. A radioactive agent is injected into R and then a scan is completed. This shows cerebral blood flow which is affected by seizures; decreases when not seizing.

(Source: UofCMedical)

And that's all the medical appointments...I think...until the 28th, Surgery Date. Of course, we have a personal list to accomplish as well for getting organized, finishing pre-school, kindergarten, etc, etc, and that's a whole other post.

Keep our little family in your prayers and thoughts, okay?
We are really wanting positive thoughts. This surgery is something we have to do for R. For his future. I want with all my heart for R to get through this as seamlessly as possible. Peacefully with minimal fear. In a healthy manner with a WOW recovery. Shocking us as to how resilient and strong he is. Blowing our minds as to what a difference we see in R developmentally post surgery. B & I must stay strong, positive, and loving in all aspects. It's a scary road. We have shed our share of tears over this and will shed more. We know that. However, we are trying to see the light and let the fear go. We need your help please. Send those positive vibes, thoughts, and prayers our way!

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