Saturday, June 18, 2011

W's (early) Birthday Party

(Craft paper on table with crayons & a few birthday wishes. One girlie commented "This is a great activity!")

Normally, at our home, birthday's are celebrated on the actual date. However this year, we celebrated W's 6th bday this weekend, with his school friends. This little group has done so well together over the year and it's sad that they are all parting ways next week. So, in order for W to have one last hurrah with his buddies, we celebrated his birthday today.
(The happy bday boy with his cupcake-cake!)
The Fire station theme was a hit! We toured our local fire station and the staff there were fantastic. The kiddos loved being able to sit in the trucks, hold the hose, lay on the stretcher, etc, etc. Well worth the effort! So cute to see these little ones enthralled with all the fireman and equipment!
(Did I take pictures at the station? No! That would make too much sense. In fact I didn't even take my camera along! And as you can tell used my IPOD all day. Uh...charge the battery? Oops!)

Next it was home for a rockin' game of pin the hat on the dalmatian. Which I free-handed by the way...and I am NOT an artist. The kids loved it! They were cheering each other on and Bup was too cute trying to pin the hat to the cubby. I'm just thrilled that he participated!
After a hip swinging crazy frog, dance party..."Stop Drop and Roll" was meal time. W was so wanting to tear into his presents and eating was the last thing on his mind, yet he managed to eat a little, huff n puff on the candles& allow us to sing (wuhoo!!! this is a FIRST for our sound sensitive guy. Did I mention that he helped himself to ear plugs at the Fire Station?!)

Now, they are fast asleep, the house looks like a bomb went off, there is frosting in R's hair (how does THAT happen?), and I need to get at it!
(The birthday table AFTER lunch & cake...notice the eyeball? ~ Bomb, I say.)

Next time, I'm planning a birthday party with 8 kids all with special needs, please remind me to include another adult! I didn't lose anyone in the pond or at the fire station, was a little loud and crazy at times!

(BirthdayW & R in their ugly teeth...courtesy of the loot bags. Notice W's 6 shirt? Appliqued my moi. It's kind of a tradition now. I was too procrastination-ish to create an R one for Bup...ah well... )


  1. SO cute...all of it!

    But my word...Bup is HUGE!!!! Look at him grow!


  2. I know Danielle! Bup and Warner are wearing the same size and his little feet grew THREE sizes since the beginning of winter. No wonder he kept telling me his toe hurts in his boots!

  3. Looks like a total success! I love the fire station idea too.
    We have some little school friends who are celebrating their summer birthdays early too. Fun for everyone!