Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Star Wars Party

A little pre-school friend of R's hosted a Star Wars Birthday Party and it was so fun for R to attend. I have to admit I was thrilled that he was invited. His first birthday party invite from a school friend!

R dressed as Darth Vader....although I was not able to capture any Darth Vader shots. However, Princess Leah was in my view finder. Especially when I saw her and Darth Vader standing arm in arm for quite some time on the deck, chatting away, and Princess Leah even kissed one of those adorably fluffy cheeks! A-dorable! Thank goodness they are only 4yrs!

The dads were laughing inside because apparently every guy fantasizes about Princess Leah (personally I like Padame better...but I digress) and R won the girl...without even trying.


  1. That is absolutely adorable!! He's getting the ladies're gonna have to watch that little man!

  2. That's so cute! You are going to be in so much trouble when he grows up ;)