Thursday, June 16, 2011

Seizure Sleep

Yesterday, as I was tucking R in for his nap; the songs were sung, his long lashes were resting on his cheek, breathing sweet, snuggly, peaceful...
...then R turns his head towards me and says,
"I have a wiggly hand Mom. I need Trileptal"
"You've already had your Trileptal Bup"
"I need more Trileptal."

Oh. Sunk my heart to witness that seizure right when he was falling asleep and have him request meds. This kid does not like his meds. "They tasteses awwwful!"

Also, knowing that this upcoming brain surgery will not have any effect on his "wiggly hand" seizures. Wrong side of the brain.

It's just never ending. This maybe disease, TSC.

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