Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stop Planning & Start Doing...

Oh, I have ideas roaming through my head. "Plans" of what I would like to do...any topic will do...lately it's been home projects. Blogs, magazines and now Pinterest are all sources of inspiration.

Truthfully, they do not help me. They tease me! Taunt me! Create even more ideas and ideas...but then the action evades me!
(source: Pinterest)
I am not a woman of action.
I am a woman of ideas. Of Plans!

Here are some of my plans...dreams....

(source: Pinterest)
Currently my grandmother's Cathedral Windows quilt is hanging on the wall up the staircase. I love, love, luhhhove that quilt...but it just doesn't look right on the wall. This may be a fresh change. Would white frames and lettering me better with our white cabinets, railings, etc? Hmmm.....not sure. I like the black too.

This is lovely too. Mirrors and such...or....

(source: Pinterest)

Or maybe a display like this up the stairs? Not yellow
though....which is super pretty, but our house has no yellow in it. Or maybe yellow, red and t
urquoise? Or different shades of white? Uh, yes, there are different shades of white!

People with track lighting are either artists or gay. Do you know where th
at quote is from? Think '80s. That's right! Steele of my all time favorite movies. We have track lighting (and I am neither) and it sucks. Track lighting is so shadowy...and it is constantly needing new bulbs or the connection loses contact and needs to be replaced. Aarggh!
Maybe I should make this? For the kitchen?

Now, wouldn't this door be just sweet on a pantry! I would love to replace our current door which is just a plain old door, but it's an odd size. I've checked into it. So, the victorian door would need to be a special order. Which means...expensive, and that's not an option here.

Our fireplace would look simple dashing with these style of built ins! Know any carpenters who would love to build this for me? Me either.'s a long post about plans, dreams and no action and that's what's shakin' at the Dairy Queen Honey!


  1. If my hubby is jobless for the winter and irritating me I will send him in and built-ins you will have!!!

  2. Sooo many ideas! I love them all. I like white/ivory frames personally. Although turquoise might be stunning at your place. Love the mirrors too. All good ideas.
    Pinterest is dangerous!!!

    I miss you. Can you visit sometime?