Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Generic vs. Brand Name Meds

Today in the Pediatrician's office, there was a poster which caught my eye and brought on two discussions with the nurses and physician about prescription meds.

You probably already know this....and I did too...but it's a good reminder. If this is new information for you then wuhoo!! I actually shared something valuable today!


When/if you purchase prescription meds, do you choose generic? Is this what your drug plan/benefits coverage suggests?

Generic prescriptions should really be given a second thought if not avoided. I advoid them. Especially for R's seizure meds.

Health Canada's idea as to drug accuracy is quite poor. The range of accuracy is between 80% and 125% on Generic Med effectiveness. That is considered acceptable! A very broad range, don't you agree? Plus, retesting is not done.

So, using Generic Meds could result in being under-
medicated or over-medicated. Scary huh?
Next, Pharmacies are often "suggesting"...sometimes strongly....for us to use Generic Meds and they convince us to do so by explaining as it is to our benefit from a cost perspective. Cheaper. Who doesn't want to save money?

Who doesn't want to make money? Pharmacies surely do. They receive money....kickbacks if you will....from the pharmaceutical companies who sell Generic meds. Interesting? I certainly think so.

My point to all this rambling....this soapbox standing....is be informed. All is not as it seems at face value.

It's Brand Name meds for Bup! They barely keep the "wiggly hand seizures" at bay as it is and I don't want to risk the inaccuracy of Generic meds even for a few dollars.

Again....I'm only writing to inform and share information....that's all. We have the right to make informed choices.

By the way, we doctored all day today and I am officially exhausted! What else is new, you ask? You're right....that's oooooold news. The boys were troopers during the appointments....patient and happy. Those days are lovely! Sweet, I say! And my tiredness may have affected my rambling...cause a little verbal diarrhea. So on that note, I shall sign off.


  1. This is totally one a those hornets nest issues.

    Trevy is on mostly generics. And I am comfortable with it BECAUSE a Detroit neuro educated me a bit about the process. He said as long as the generic is ALWAYS from the same manufacturer it will be made the same. The issues come in with generics because often more than one Pharm is ability to create it...and the standards are NOT static for generics...so there will be differences in the formulations. The constant changing formulas are what put our kids at risk. It's most safe to use the real deal because you know exactly who is creating it (only one Pharm owns it) and that the formula is much more rigid and strict.

    Does that make even one itto of sense?! ;p


  2. I've been catching up on the last two weeks of posts...so much has happened in so little time and I'm so happy that it all turned out wonderfully. Glad you guys are having fun after all the stress. Talk to you soon,

  3. Good to know! Although I hope I really don't need to know... ;)