Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blue Thursday

It shouldn't be different this time, but it is. My heart is heavy and I just want to go to bed....for about three weeks! A good cry might help too.

B the D is on the road this morning. Heading to northern BC for another hitch. I'm hoping he'll be home in three weeks....but there's no guarantee.

For some morbid reason my instinct tells me it'll be September before his cute little bald head graces the pillow beside mine again.
('s not snowing there now! Summer reaches northern Canada too!;) This was taken in the winter.)
Yesterday, after he received the call of the rig, I became so grouchy (and blue). That's what tells me it's really sadness in when I'm super grouchy. Then last night, while trying to fall asleep, I kept thinking,
"What are you doing leaving me with a child who has just had BRAIN SURGERY and W with all his W-Ness!!"
"I'm not qualified for this!"

It's crazy really. In all reality, life is easier now. The resection is behind us and W is W as always, but I'm scared. Scared and sad. So is blue. Tomorrow will be better. After a good night's sleep and maybe that good cry. The sun will come out, right?


  1. I'd have a cup of warmth with you .....

  2. Awwwww. Hugs to you and the little cuties. I'll keep my fingers crossed 3 weeks is the max. We'll keep in touch and have a play or two to make it fly by!