Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Gawk Factor

Now that Bup has a concentration camp hair style, he is experiencing the "Gawk Factor". We haven't taken him out too much as we want him to have regular naps right now for healing purposes, but opportunity does still arise....for both outings and looky-looking.

Even in the hospital....the ONE place an ill or special needs child should be free of questions, comments and open mouthed stares... Bup had people down right staring at him. One fellow, as R & I were strolling along with his friends the IV pole and wheelchair, queried in a shocked voice, "What happened to him?!"

There was a group of senior ladies who kept looking and looking and just wanted to ask but didn't...thank you! They did comment on what a nice little boy he is and B the D explained about surgery.

And today...a neighbor...I could just see it in her face as she kept LOOOOOOOKING at Bup. So, once he was around the corner, I opened the door by saying, "It looks awful, doesn't it?"

I think that will be my standard line. "It looks awful, doesn't it?" This gets the questions out of the way, and may diminish the awkward stares and silence.

What would you do?


  1. I honestly don't know what I would do in that situation, how I would react, but I can tell you I love your line! "It looks awful, doesn't it?"... what a great line! I think it's perfect actually... should make people realize they need to stop staring. I'd say, use that line! :)

    I hope Bup has a quick recovery!

  2. Praying for Bup that he will be seizure free for now and FOREVER! Love and Hugs from NC!

  3. Great choice Mom. This allows the other person to easily get away from their, "I'm out of my comfort zone place. Very thoughtful and respectful to others. Just like you M. I myself my also add, "It looks awful, doesn't it?...I am just thankful that our family is wise enough to see the blessing that he is with us rather than lose sleep over the fact that for a short time he will look like this" You know me, then I would hope that I gave them something more to think about and perhaps when they were faced with the same situation for the next time they might make a bett choice of how to respond. Take care you guys. Lots of love Teri-Beri