Monday, July 11, 2011

Day Trippers

It truly was planes, trains and automobiles for us today as we cruised in the car to a little town for an afternoon at their Garden Train Museum and then over to the Air Museum. Of course, there was lunch and a stop at the super playground until the rain drops began.

The boys loved it! Riding the Steamin' Demon, pretending in the WWII bombers, and hanging from the monkey bars. What little boy could ask for more?
And I? Well, I got to spend an afternoon with my family as well as relax on a bench in the sunshine/clouds while reading a funny book...and once or twice leaning on my husband's shoulder. What little girl could ask for more?

I had to chuckle at the Air Museum as the boys went on a tour of the Lancaster which required wearing hard hats. At the end, Bup told me that he doesn't like hard hats as they hurt his head and then he turned to the very sweet, very serious teen boy to inform him that "I have stitches on my head!" ~ Yes, Buppy, you sure do.

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  1. We want to go there too!! Looks like a wonderfully fun boy-type place. Hurray!