Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Anew

Traditionally Fall has always felt like a New Year to me. Definately because of school. The new school year, new clothes, new pencil crayons, sometimes new insecurities, and new friends.
This Fall is one of change like no other as well.

No, I'm not returning to school. ;)

Both of my boys are in new schools though. That counts.

We sold our house. In three days. With three showings. And three offers. Wowzas.

We bought a house.
Our new home.

 An acreage. Another big change. Farewell city living. Hello trees, wild life, quiet, and room to roam.

Fun, little barn. The boys and I are planning to sleep in the hayloft next summer.

Yes!  I am feeling incredibly blessed that we can provide this opportunity for the boys. To climb trees...and not be yelled at by Res. Assoc staff to get down!! build forts, to have a swing in the yard, to chase squirrels, learn how to skate on a pond, snowshoe, etc etc. We are blessed!

So, now it's packing time. Possession date is October 23. Pack and purge. Thankfully, my favorite husband is at work and unable to help which means I can purge with conviction and no explanation!

This Fall is all about new beginnings for the RWB household. New schools, new home, new lifestyle, new backyard friends that hopefully will keep their distance, right "Bullwinkle"?

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  1. OMGoooooosh! I'm SO happy for you! Your new house is a mommy of boys DREAM house! So much land to explore. Tree to climb. And Bulwinkle too! It's too wonderful!

    Love love love love love!


    Have fun nesting!