Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Battle Ax Parenting

Did your parents ever spew the words, "She's just an old battle ax!" It's definitely NOT a compliment. Tonight, it's a statement that I'm sure my boys, especially W, would spew at me, if he knew it. Thank heavens for small blessings because he doesn't!

What is your after school/bed time routine for your kiddos?
Seriously. I need major help here as something has gone terribly askew. Oh, I know what it is but now how to change it.

You see, my boys want me to lay with them in their beds, read a couple of books to them and then sing three songs, then continue to "snuggle" until they fall asleep. As heartwarming and sweet as that is....I just can't do it any longer!

What is your "tuck in" method?

My house looks like a bomb went off....cause NOTHING gets accomplished in the evenings. Either I fall asleep with the boys or when I finally get away from them, I am so exhausted that I again accomplish nothing.

Plus, I get no down time for myself. Maybe this comes off as selfish and maybe it is, but as a married somewhat single parent, it's imperative that I recharge. Daytime does not allow for much alone time even with W in school full time and R part time. Grocery shopping, gymnastics, doctors appointments, OT Group Therapy,....it all still takes place, which equates more mom, organizer, admin assistant, health care generalist role than M role. Know what I mean?

SOOOO.....much to my children's dismay I've instilled the new routine which is reading together on the couch for 15 min or so and then taking each boy to their own room with a kiss and I love you and that's it.

W doesn't understand why I am being so mean. In fact, I tucked him in a hour ago and he was just up for the third time asking if I could snuggle him.

It's killing me! And I am at a complete loss as to what is right or not.

So there ya have it, I've moved into the "Battle Ax Parenting" zone and out of the glimpse of Attachment Parenting zone (written as I wear a wee 6 week old babe in a sling;).


  1. Has the routine changed since you've started taking care of the baby? Might be a little jealousy and missing the one on one time.
    What worked for my girls (over 10 years ago,omg I feel old) bedtime routine (youngest one first) was a book, 2 songs (their choice)a good night kiss and hug. If they thought I needed to lay down with them for a while more I took up almost all the bed and squished them into a little corner of it. They would ask me to leave pretty soon because it wasn't comfortable for them. If this didn't work and they wanted me to stay longer I told them they got 5 minutes (I timed it) because I needed time for myself after we were done. Gillian would wait for me in her room getting the book she wanted to read that night and playing, I reminded her she got to stay up half and hour later while her sister was being put to bed.


  2. Tamara! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! I'll try your tips.
    By the way, I laughed out loud when I read of you squishing the girls into the corner of their bed. Crack me up! That's worth a try too!