Thursday, November 10, 2011


It does not get any easier....these "EGs" as R calls them.
Holding him on his body and a staff holding his head while the tech hooks up the's brutal...always.

This time Bup screamed, cried and yelled, "I don't like these stupid doctors!" and I don't blaim him one bit, but the clincher for my heart was when he sobbed, "No knives. No knives on my head."
The poor little critter thought the Tech was going to cut his head open (surgery).

Kids shouldn't have these anxieties or memories. What happened to lollypops and racecars and snails and puppy dog tails? Well, that's all a fairy tale and here we are all about reality.
Reality is....we have no results from the EEG yet and I am so looking forward to our Neuro appt on the 23 to view the results and I can present my list of questions to Doc Neuro.

Until then, I'm grateful we were able to wash that glue out of Bup's hair and that the crazy "EG" hair has been tamed!

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