Friday, November 11, 2011

Found a Peanut

"Found a peanut, found a peanut, found a peanut last night...."

This little "peanut" has found her way into our family and hearts. She is residing with my sister while her momma gets well. Which means she has sleepovers with "Auntie" at least a day or two a week.

As a mom of boys it sure is nice to have a bundle of pink to snuggle! What a wee bundle she is....weighing in at just barely over 7lbs and 4 weeks old. It's hilarious changing a diaper this tiny and feeding this little mouth. My boys were NEVER this small, not even at birth so it is an adjustment. Oh but what a sweet one! This little Peanut is content and snuggly and just all around adorable.

Bup ADORES her....tells people "I have a special baby." and "Can I pet her?" Yes...P-E-T. He touches her with one finger and comments on how soft she is. It's wonderful to watch him nurture her. What a little Love Bug!

W AVOIDS he plugs his ears if she makes any noise louder than a squeak, says "You know I don't like babies." cause they are "wrinkly and red", yet he asks where she is and notices how tiny she is. He'll come around. He just needs some encouragement and praise....and ear plugs!

So...welcome little Peanut. You're always welcome for sleepovers at Auntie's house. We're all in love with you already.


  1. Jealous!!! Pink!!! Cute as a bug!! Jealous!!

  2. You can come over for a snuggle anytime Miss Moe. Little Miss Peanut would love it!

  3. Oh she's a sweetie! What a special arrangement. I hope she's enjoying all the love and that her mama is well soon.