Thursday, December 1, 2011


As a child Advent was not recognized by our family.  It was in regards to church and the upcoming Christmas program at school and Sunday school. But there was no chocolate a day Advent calendar or anything else. So, I love celebrating it with the boys.

Don't you find that the activities or celebrations you missed out on as a child are one's you want to create for your kiddos? Or is that just me?

Anyway, back to reality.....

Last year we marked the Advent tradition with our little wooden Advent house and in each door/drawer was a small Christmas decoration  ( I mean tiny!) or festive eraser, tattoo, etc. The boys LOVED it! W prayed every morning after checking the Advent house. He's so cute!

(photo courtesy of Pinterest-katherinemarephotography)

So, this year the house is on display, but I have wrapped 24 books for the boys to open. All in identical paper with no name noted. Surprise!

I think we may add an activity a day to our Advent traditions. A book to read and an activity to least 15 occupied minutes!;)

And day one of Advent was as equally thrilling as last year. W instantly knelt on his knees to pray and R kept saying, "I just love my surprise present. I love it!|

What are your Advent traditions? Do you light a candle each week? Only wear blue or purple?;)
Use an advent calendar (Lutheran tradition)? Nothing?


  1. So much fun! We have a hard time only doing one each day. =) We are also doing the book a day and I love how simple it is and it creates so much excitement. =)

  2. It is fun! I love the excitement from the boys...something so simple and they are thrilled! Glad to have you here and thanks again for sharing!

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  4. We have an advent calendar that has little pockets (my mother-in-law sent it to us one christmas full of little surprises)so its been a challenge to have it just as good as hers. This year the girls came up with the advent idea. We went to the bead store and they picked out 24 beads for each other, they'll be able to make a special bead bracelet after advent is finished.


  5. My mom brought us a wonderful big basket of wrapped books too. We love it! In fact someone loved it so much she helped herself to 3 books to secretly unwrap in her room while I was in the shower...can you say naughty list???

    Oh, I like the bead idea!

  6. Oh Missus Mittens!!! I love that your mom did that for her grandkiddos. So sweet.
    And Miss E....well, that is too funny! Little turkey.;)