Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Sister!

Sister A was the New Year's Baby of her time. 1963. Noted in the local newspaper and received special gifts and all. Famous at birth!

We always celebrate her birthday by going for breakfast/brunch. Over the years we have brought babies with us, dined at the Teahouse at COP, breakfasted at home (too many small kids to go out), laughed, been asked to leave the restaurant to make room for other diners and now her daughter babysits my boys so that we can dine sans enfants. It's wonderful!

The last two years we have found a delicious, amazing brunch at a hotel that is akin to breakfast on a cruise with animal shaped butter and such. We love it! And go alone! Even better!

This year will be no exception.

However the highlight for me, besides spending time with Sister A, is the gift. This year her gift is completely heartfelt and unexpected. Not the heartfelt part, but the actual gift.

It's a long complicated story that requires a two page genogram, as we only share the same birth father, not the same birth mother, however were raised by the same parents including my birth mother as my sister's mom died when Sister A was 18mths of age.


Found, thick with dust, in a long forgotten cupboard at Mom's, was the wedding cake topper from my father and his first wife's wedding (1960ish)..... my sister's mom. So, I brought it home, washed it and have displayed it in a shadow box with blue-grey glitter in the bottom as the dress Miss M wore when she married my father was bluey-grey. (I know that dress is about somewhere and want to find it too!)

Hopefully, Sister A loves her gift. It is heartsy and filled with a history that we know little of, but out of that past I received a sister who is also a dear friend.

Happy Birthday "Lala"!

Cake Topper from A & M's wedding. Circa 1960~ish.

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