Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mixed Blessings

This little sweetie has stolen our hearts. Yes she has. Especially mine and Bup's. Bup tells people that he has a "special baby" and that "she's all mine." He loves to kiss her head and insert her "toque" ..... um, aka soother!.....when she's sad.

Happy girl....smiles for W.
Little Miss S is now almost three months old. She smiles and coos and chats and giggles. Sometimes she is so loud! It's hilarious. She loves to be snuggled and is completely at home in the sling. And now! Now she sleeps from 8pm - 4am straight through. Wuhoo!

Prayers have been answered as Miss S's momma is out of the hospital and doing really well. Amazing!  The time will come soon when Miss S gets to go home to her "real" family, her birth family. This extended family that loves her will be so sad (and THRILLED) to see her go home. The thought of packing up her clothes already makes me a little sad. Maybe that's why I'm avoiding it. And then there's R. He just loves her. This morning the first thing he said was "I just love Baby S. I want to see Baby S." ****sigh****I know he'll be fine, but it's sad for me that he won't see her so much anymore.

A complete mixed blessing. We are all so relieved and thrilled and in wonder that she is able to be with her family. Words don't even come close to expressing this.

Miss S...sleeping sweetie.

Yet, at the same for us! She's such a doll and we'll miss her dearly when the happy day arrives.

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  1. Oh she is so sweet! I've never met her and yet I think she's so precious. Mixed feelings for sure - I can only imagine. Aaaawwe. Little sweetie!