Monday, January 16, 2012

Baby, It's C-c-cold Outside!

-29 degrees Celsius.
That's -20.2 F for all you non-metric readers.'s BRRRRR!
And only getting colder.
Hello Winter! Where have you been and why did you arrive with such a vengeance? My children still don't believe you must zip your coat and wear your hat when leaving the house yet complain that their "knees are cold" in the vehicle. Yup! That's why you are wearing pyjama bottoms under your pants and still wearing snow pants too!
By the way, keep your tongue in and away from all things metal. Eeesh!
And...whose idea was it to enroll in January swimming lessons? Thank heavens the boys fit under the hand dryers in the change room to get a little warmer...a little dryer before heading into the crisp outdoors.
This weather gives Manic Monday a whole new meaning!

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