Thursday, January 12, 2012

ADHD Thursday

Our 6yr old son was diagnosed at the age of 3 with "severe ADHD". Over the past 3 yrs we have Incorporated many dietary changes, behavioral strategies and the like to help W. Through all these "experiments" (cause is always a trial & error strategy), my heart goes out to W....even when I have felt frustrated and at my wits end.

Yesterday was no exception. In regards to my heart going out to W.

School was a challenge for W yesterday. He was just full of life....the hyperactivity and silliness was taking it was hard to stay focused, sit still and not goof around in class.

This resulted in some time in the Break Out Room and even the hallway and heavy jobs, carrying,  in an attempt to slow his engine down. During the job or task, he was fine and could complete it....but as soon as it was over...well, the goofiness, distracting others, being silly, etc surfaced strong and fast.

The saddest part of all this. W DOESN'T like being this way. He knows when his engine is fast and can't get it to slow down to Just Right.

Because I was volunteering in the classroom I was able to witness some of this and talk quietly & privately to W about working hard to slow his engine down, that it's not his fault...his body just takes over, and that he can do it and have a good afternoon at school.

And he tries! He chooses to stay at his desk when the others are in Circle Time because he knows he can manage better at his desk. He tries to self regulate but that hated hyperactivity takes over.

Did my heart stretch and throb when he asked to come home with me? Requesting to NOT stay at school even if it meant missing a cool outdoor Science Experiment and afternoon art project.


Did I feel like the meanest mom ever when I advised he must stay at school because at home meant nap time? Only to see his sad little face fall even further?


Did he stay and have a successful afternoon?


W in August. Photo by Blue Lilly.

Do I absolutely LOATHE hyperactivity?


What would you have done? Do you have any "new" strategies for hyperactivity?

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