Tuesday, January 31, 2012

TSC Tuesday - Rapamycin Quest

The quest for Rapamycin continues.......and now I laugh;  laugh in the face of our medical system, laugh at medical care for all........that does not include topical meds.

I shall laugh like a maniac so that I truly do not lose my mind. Right Bup? 


There is a pharmacy in Canada that will fill this prescription. Granted it is three provinces away in Ontario.


The cost is approximately $900 per month give or take a $100. And is not covered by our insurance. But then I didn't really expect it to be since Bup's Trileptal isn't covered. These crazy elective meds! Trileptal, Rapamycin.........really! Let them eat cake! I liken gov't insurance programs to be akin to Marie Antoinette.


I laugh and laugh in the face of all this ridiculousness....as I gather a deep breath and prepare to advocate and obtain this diamond dust.......feels like it!........without bankrupting our family. 

Excuse me......but I cannot write any further as I am laughing too maniacally and the screen is blurring from the tears. {{wink}}

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  1. I hope the laughter (somehow) can outweigh the tears. The fighting is so exhausting, isn't it? Sending our love from NC.