Friday, January 13, 2012

Project Dreams

Sometimes I am a thinker...not a doer.
Which I'm sure drives my husband bonkers...and was inherited from my father. I'm sure of it!

There are projects rattling around my mind. Projects I dream about seeing completed and on display in our home. Dream does not equal do.

Do you do this? Dream and plan...and that's it? If NOT, how do you get up the energy, "gumption" (as my father would say).

Here's my top eight:

Frame our Masterbath white.
Wear super shoes...everyday!

Still dreaming about those fireplace built ins....

Would love to pierce my nose again. But yowza!

Dress super cute...all the time. Well, and have the body to do so...but that would REALLY require effort!
Batch cook...again.
Create a wool patchwork blanket from my grandmother's wool  blankets.,
Pantry Door from Pinterest
The challenge is that our door is small and would need to be a custom fit.

All photos courtesy of Pinterest.

So...what's on your dream project list?

1 comment:

  1. For a dream to come true, you have to have a dream to begin with. Sometimes life's realities may postpone our dreams, but they shouldn't be given up on! What fun would our spare time be without our big dreams.........and little dreams?!?!